Dr. Mara Leigh Taylor is the founder of Getting Out By Going In, an organization that has helped more than 15,000 incarcerated men, women and children improve their lives and resist recidivism, by teaching them simple tools for positive decision-making.

Dr. Mara Leigh Taylor (2012)

“Coach” Mara Leigh Taylor, a graduate of CalSouthern's PsyD program, is the founder of Getting Out by Going In (GOGI), an organization dedicated to preparing incarcerated men, women, and children for release, as well as to helping them lead more fulfilling, productive lives, by providing them with simple tools for making positive choices. The tools, which have been studied by more than 15,000 inmates, were developed by groups of incarcerated men and women—led by Coach Taylor—and resonate with prisoners because of their simplicity and because they are written in the inmates’ language, addressing their specific needs. GOGI is staffed entirely by formerly incarcerated volunteers or community volunteers who offer a correspondence course in the GOGI tools, as well as train inmates as well as prison management and staff in facilitating GOGI self-corrective education.