Dr. Heather Williams (2017)

For 14 years, Heather Williams served as Program Director with CSP Victim Assistance Programs and oversaw all special victim programs, which included: Homicide, Sexual Assault, Gangs, and Domestic Violence. In 2003, after responding to an active shooter event in Irvine, CA she established the CSP Crisis Response Team. As the coordinator of the Crisis Response Team, Heather spent 10 years responding to a number of critical incidents involving homicide, murder-suicide, and workplace violence issues to mitigate the trauma experienced by victims, witnesses and the community.

Heather was hired by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 2014 as the Regional Peer Support Coordinator. Heather coordinates a team of 100 OCSD personnel, provides crisis counseling and critical incident debriefing, and promotes an Emotional Wellness Campaign. She is the co-founder of the Orange County Association of Peer Supporters (OCAPS) and works in partnership with a number of police departments to help develop and sustain peer support programs and provide critical incident debriefing following a traumatic event.

More recently, Heather and Investigator and SWAT Team Leader Shane Millhollon have presented “Active Shooter Response & Impact of Workplace Violence” in California and at conferences nationwide.

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