Mrs. Anila Ali

Mrs. Anila Ali - 2018 Dr. Donald Hecht Philanthropy and Service Award

Born and raised in Pakistan, the daughter of Pakistan’s first ambassador to Great Britain, and a U.S. public school teacher for over twenty-five years, Mrs. Ali understands the vital and intimate connection between quality education and world peace. As the founder and CEO of CAL-PAK Educational Services, a U.S. nonprofit, she is committed to human potential, peace, philanthropy, and service.

Mrs. Ali is dedicated to bringing accessible and affordable education to all in Pakistan who seek better lives for themselves and their families; to this end, Cal-Pak focuses on advancing partnerships between California and Pakistan universities. She is committed to bringing accredited American education to Pakistan’s teachers in order to increase competency by training them in the latest methodologies and philosophies. Through CAL-PAK’s professional development program and public-private partnerships, they are increasing the math and reading competencies of students throughout Pakistan.

Surrounded by poverty and struggling against violent extremism, Ms. Ali’s adopted schools provide students with a respite from the pain of daily life: she feeds and clothes hungry children and then provides an educational environment that cultivates a lifelong love of learning through rigorous academic instruction, the arts, music, drama, and sports. Her students receive an all-around education that helps them to become productive citizens of Pakistan and the world. And, all this, she does on a teacher’s salary.

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