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  • Nancy-Derks

Nancy Derks, PsyD

Doctor of Psychology, '16

My CalSouthern Experience

I now know why people have told me, “Nancy you need to remember that you're going to be married to this project so make sure that your topic is something that you want to be married to for a minimum of two to three years.” It becomes everything. So, I chose something that I was passionate about and I have to say, I’ve learned so much, not only about my topic, but I learned about how to organize myself how to set deadlines, making sure that everything was moving in that forward direction.


Professional Summary

Dr. Nancy Derks’ focus was figuring out how our veterans were impacted by moral injuries; what are the signs and symptoms of moral injury that professionals seemed to be missing and why did they continue to see 20 suicides a day. Her findings were is that moral injury comes from a whole different place – it's not fear based, but it’s shame-based and because of this, the clinicians working with veterans aren't necessarily trained to assess for shame or guilt. Therefore, many clinicians who are not aware of moral injury, are missing that whole piece and that's what Dr. Derks wanted to do. She made recommendations in terms of what clinicians can do to provide treatment interventions that will get to the heart of the matter. In addition to her findings, she also hopes to write a treatment manual for moral injury and well as getting licensed for her own practice in the state of Hawaii.