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  • James-Berry

James Barry, PsyD

Substance Abuse Treatment
Palm Springs, CA
Doctor of Psychology, '17

My CalSouthern Experience

I was working full-time and chasing after a Doctoral degree. I was able to work in the middle of the night, I could work at first thing in the morning, I could work before the sun came up, or whatever and that was the only way I think I possibly could have done this rather than showing up to a brick-and-mortar facilities.


Professional Summary

James Berry from Palm Springs, California, has been working at the Betty Ford Center for the past ten years in Substance Abuse Treatment. He has been working with young adults and was just given the opportunity in the last few years to write curriculum for LGBTQ. He has done some speaking engagements recently around California to healthcare providers, whether it be in substance abuse treatment or otherwise, about the need to understand the specific needs of LGBTQ patients in recovery.