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  • Laine-G

Laine Gutierrez, BA

Manteca, CA
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, '16

My CalSouthern Experience

It was nerve-racking in the beginning, but this program is so organized; I can't even describe how happy I am with the way the program is. You get in you see the syllabus, you see the entire semester on one page, you can click on each assignment so your nerves are instantly calmed and then the mentors are great, they're very supportive. I've had mentors call me asking if I needed help, so it was a great program for me definitely. I would have to name many mentors that were highlights - Gia Hamilton was awesome very supportive, she knows this curriculum, she lives it every day so her support was awesome My academic advisor - I can't stress the support throughout the program is just awesome that might have been the highlight just getting through the program with such support from the whole University really was just I think for taught me through. I think it's really important but I think actually the number one thing for me was the drive to get this done, because you know you're doing this program on your own in a room maybe, you don't have any teachers pushing you in a real-life face-to-face, so I think the drive and self-motivation was really the most important thing that got me through the program.


Professional Summary

Laine Gutierrez is from Manteca here in California, Central Valley. She first began her degree journey right out of high school, but then as many of us have found, life happened. Now four children later, she decided it was time to pursue her dream of helping people and you know contributing to the community, as her eldest child has just finished high school. She decided she wanted to contribute to the mental health community.