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  • Pamela-Lynn-Seraphinw

Pamela Lynn Seraphine, MS

Afro Rock Percussionist / Alumni Advisor
Los Angeles, CA
Master of Science in Psychology, '17

My CalSouthern Experience

I have to get my Doctorate, there's no way I can't get my Doctorate; it's part of who I am already and CalSouthern has been absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this university it is the place to be and to succeed. I did come to the Masters series here on The Drummer's Manifesto and it was wonderful and I had such a great response, so you’ve got to check it out, because they have it online and everything's available online, you guys make it really accessible, so I can't thank you enough for that.

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Professional Summary

Pamela Lynn Seraphine, originally from Vancouver Island, Canada now in living in Los Angeles, has recently written and released the book The Drummer’s Manifesto. She’s an Afro Rock Percussionist, who specializes in Neuro Drumming. She runs the Academy of Neuro Drumming which is a brain fitness training program. The program teaches people how to use drumming as modality to reduce stress and improve their mental health and their overall quality of life.