Winner, 2013 CalSouthern President’s Award for Doctoral Project Excellence: Dr. Caelan Kuban

Dr. Caelan Kuban is a 2013 graduate of CalSouthern’s Doctor of Psychology program. She lives in Royal Oak, Michigan and is the executive director of The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, a program of the Starr Global Learning Network.

As a certified trauma consultant and supervisor, Dr. Kuban trains agency and school professionals across the country in the field of childhood trauma. She has special expertise in the areas of mind-and-body trauma intervention skills with at-risk and adjudicated youth, as well as the use of trauma-informed expressive arts with children of all ages.

Dr. Kuban is the author of several articles and trauma intervention curriculums and has co-authored, “Working with Traumatized and Grieving Children and Adolescents: Discovering What Matters Most through Sensory-based Interventions,” published in 2013.

Dr. Kuban’s doctoral project is titled Mind-Body Skills Program, Emotional Regulation and Recidivism in Adjudicated Adolescents Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In it, she evaluates a 10-session program consisting of mind-body interventions—activities including expressive art, guided imagery, mindful meditation and progressive muscle relaxation, among others—aimed to address the adverse impact PTSD has on physiological responses in the body.

The results show that these mind-body interventions decrease PTSD symptoms, while increasing emotional regulation and reducing recidivism among these adjudicated, traumatized adolescents.