Winner, 2017 CalSouthern President’s Award for Doctoral Project Excellence: Dr. Margaret Hock

Dr. Margaret Hock’s doctoral project is titled “A Study on Experiences of Marital Satisfaction on Air Force Couples.”

This qualitative study conducted with eight Air Force couples regarding the effects that multiple deployments have on marital satisfaction provides rich information that has the potential to shape Department of Defense policy regarding deployments.  The human factors related to operating the most sophisticated equipment in the arm forces and mission readiness deserves prominent recognition.

Dr. Hock’s study explored the sources of stress and moderating influences on the couple’s marital relationship satisfaction. Specific focus was given to multiple deployments and the stress of changing military orders.  Results of this study highlighted the effects stress on marital satisfaction and will provide future intervention recommendations for DoD institutional program changes.

Winner, 2017 CalSouthern President’s Award for Doctoral Project Excellence: Dr. Thomas Zhao

Dr. Thomas Zhao presented a doctoral project in which the purpose of the quantitative study was to find other alternative methods to make further improvements to help investors achieve a better result on forecasting returns and risk measurements of stock. Money managers, analysts, investors might apply several methods to estimate beta values in the financial world. Beta values generated by different methods might vary. Analysts might apply different lengths of time to estimate betas and might use many ways of adjustment methods such as Value Line approach and Merrill Lynch approach. As a result, the accuracy of estimating the returns and risks could be a challenge.

This study provided recommendations to money managers regarding which beta value to use to predict the risk level of a stock and to estimate a stock return for their customers. The research area of prediction of beta from investment fundamentals was recommended for future research.