September 19, 2014

A Time for Reflection


CalSouthern 2011: The Year in Review The year 2011 was a momentous one for California Southern University, one that saw the 33-year-old university continue to expand and enhance its educational programs while raising its profile and strengthening its reputation worldwide. CalSouthern, now … [Read more...]

Chizzy’s Story


One of the great joys of my job is the opportunity to get to know learners and alumni, and to then share their stories with the CalSouthern community in an article or blog post. It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to conduct these interviews. Perhaps it just says something about the type of … [Read more...]

California Southern University to Name Recipient of the Inaugural CalSouthern Difference Award


Annual Award, to be Presented January 25, 2012, Will Benefit Charitable or Philanthropic Organizations While Honoring CalSouthern Students and Alumni for Distinguished Scholarship, Innovation, or Service Irvine, California—California Southern University will announce the recipient of the … [Read more...]

Holiday Wishes for CalSouthern’s Deployed Military Learners


Military deployment during a time of war presents service members with physical, emotional, and mental challenges that civilians can never fully appreciate. We can, however, appreciate their service, draw inspiration from their commitment and sacrifice, and express our gratitude for all that they do … [Read more...]

A Study in Perseverance


A Exceptional Work Ethic and Unwavering Positive Attitude Help CalSouthern’s Sachiko Noguchi Pass the California Bar Examination CalSouthern’s community of learners and graduates is replete with stories of perseverance—people overcoming challenges to reach goals and better themselves, … [Read more...]

Navigating the Transition from Online Education to the Workforce


So what happens when you finish up your online degree program and either engage in the workforce for the first time, or re-enter the workforce in a different field? You might wonder how your degree will be perceived by the world which you are about to explore. You will want to know how best to sell … [Read more...]

CalSouthern’s Dr. Jonathan Rich Offers Holiday Spending Advice


Faculty Mentor Appears on Fox LA Morning News Two of CalSouthern faculty mentor Dr. Jonathan Rich’s areas of specialty are romantic love and financial psychology. He’s also the author of The Couple’s Guide to Love and Money, a highly acclaimed book designed to help couples better … [Read more...]

At-Home Mothers: Get Career-Ready!


Be the World’s Best Mom while preparing for the next phase of your life. One hundred percent-online programs in business, psychology, and law make it possible for moms to ready themselves for rewarding careers while tending to children and family. Being a mother is one of the most important … [Read more...]

An Advocate for Children


CalSouthern Graduate Sherie Mahlberg Wins School Board Seat, Looks Forward to Challenging the Status Quo   Like many parents, Sherie Mahlberg wasn’t satisfied with the status quo that existed within her children’s school district. The Vacaville, California resident and CalSouthern … [Read more...]