October 24, 2014

Legal Affairs: Five Ideas to Stay on Track Toward Your Educational and Professional Goals

Legal seminar

Springtime is here! This means warmer weather, sunnier days, flowers everywhere, birds chirping—an almost palpable joie de vivre fills the air. So spruce up your home, your education and your life with the freshness that spring brings. Here are five strategies to consider: Re-visit your … [Read more...]

Faculty Focus: Dr. Patrick McKiernan, CalSouthern School of Behavioral Sciences

Patrick McKiernan

At age 19, Pat McKiernan had a drug problem. He had been evicted from his apartment. His health was suffering. “I had nowhere to go. Nobody wanted anything to do with me,” he recalls. He was at something of a crossroads. For countless others, circumstances like these have marked the … [Read more...]

Seven Keys to Mastering Research Papers

Dr. Robert Weathers

Research papers of any size are the bane of many students’ academic existence. They can be daunting, demanding, and stress-inducing. However, they are an important and essential element of higher learning. They both teach and test students’ ability to research, evaluate sources, think … [Read more...]

Legal Affairs: A Conversation with Faculty Mentor Mathilde Genovese

Mathilde Genovese, JD

CalSouthern School of Law Faculty Mentor Mathilde Genovese’s legal career is as varied as it is impressive. She began her career as a trial attorney with the National Labor Relations Board and the Federal Labor Relations Authority. She then joined the prestigious firm Baker & McKenzie and … [Read more...]

Up to the Challenge – Luther Hall, CalSouthern MBA Learner


Luther Hall is accustomed to success. The Nebraska native graduated with a communications degree from Bellevue University, where he also was a standout guard on the school’s basketball team. Upon graduation, he continued his basketball career overseas, playing professionally in a collection of … [Read more...]

Faculty Focus: Enid Richey, CalSouthern’s 2013 Faculty Mentor of the Year


As part of CalSouthern’s 2013 Commencement Ceremony, the inaugural Faculty Mentor of the Year Award was presented. To no one’s surprise, the recipient of the award was Enid Richey from the School of Behavioral Sciences. Richey has been an instrumental part of the School of Behavioral Sciences … [Read more...]

Legal Affairs: The Legal Implications of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is one of the most recent in the long line of technological developments promised to bring convenience and efficiency to our busy professional and personal lives. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the term “cloud” is defined by its ability to … [Read more...]

A Destiny Delayed


Decades of addiction, multiple incarcerations, homelessness and HIV couldn't prevent Freddie Williams from fulfilling his life's purpose—giving back to his community and healing lives. Today, Freddie Williams is a busy man. He's a full-time mental health clinician for Los Angeles County, … [Read more...]

An Examination, Passed


Two recent CalSouthern graduates discuss their online law school experience—and what it took to pass the California bar exam Ask any attorney to describe the moment they first learned that they had passed the bar exam and, chances are, you’ll be in for a good story. That moment is so … [Read more...]