July 28, 2014

Faculty Focus: Enid Richey, CalSouthern’s 2013 Faculty Mentor of the Year


As part of CalSouthern’s 2013 Commencement Ceremony, the inaugural Faculty Mentor of the Year Award was presented. To no one’s surprise, the recipient of the award was Enid Richey from the School of Behavioral Sciences. Richey has been an instrumental part of the School of Behavioral Sciences … [Read more...]

Legal Affairs: The Legal Implications of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is one of the most recent in the long line of technological developments promised to bring convenience and efficiency to our busy professional and personal lives. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the term “cloud” is defined by its ability to … [Read more...]

A Destiny Delayed


Decades of addiction, multiple incarcerations, homelessness and HIV couldn't prevent Freddie Williams from fulfilling his life's purpose—giving back to his community and healing lives. Today, Freddie Williams is a busy man. He's a full-time mental health clinician for Los Angeles County, … [Read more...]

An Examination, Passed


Two recent CalSouthern graduates discuss their online law school experience—and what it took to pass the California bar exam Ask any attorney to describe the moment they first learned that they had passed the bar exam and, chances are, you’ll be in for a good story. That moment is so … [Read more...]

The Business Ticker: Updates from the CalSouthern School of Business


The business landscape has become a moving target, ever-changing and more fast-moving than ever before. While the economy has slowed in pace, growth in certain business sectors has remained constant and, in fact, some of these sectors are poised to grow at an even faster clip. The question most … [Read more...]

On the Record: An Interview with Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks, Santa Monica Police Department, Part One


Jacqueline Seabrooks, Chief of the Santa Monica Police Department, isn’t comfortable with the label “trailblazer.” It’s a trite term, clichéd, and Chief Seabrooks likes to deflect personal accolades, preferring to give credit to the department she leads and staying focused on the task at … [Read more...]

Dr. Bob Weathers Offers Tips for Transformative Learning


It’s a topic we re-visit again and again: tips for learning success. We return to this subject so frequently for a couple of reasons. First, it’s important. Sure, one’s capacity to learn is inherent, to an extent. But it’s also well-established that “learning can be learned”; finding and … [Read more...]

Current Issues in Addiction Counseling: A Conversation with Dr. Linda Salvucci


CalSouthern faculty mentor Dr. Linda Salvucci has three decades of experience in the behavioral health field, with most of her career dedicated to the study and treatment of addiction. She’s worked in almost every imaginable setting, from hospitals to prisons, community and private mental health … [Read more...]

The Business Ticker: Updates from the CalSouthern School of Business


I have always been interested in exploring growth industries and in identifying the trends that are driving them. Following are two fields to watch, along with some courses from the CalSouthern School of Business that can provide applicable skills and knowledge.   Digitized … [Read more...]