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Introduction to the Master of Laws (LLM)

CalSouthern’s online Master of Laws program (LLM) gives attorneys the opportunity to develop highly specialized knowledge to grow their practices and enhance their legal careers. It’s also a great way for attorneys to distinguish themselves in what is an extremely competitive job market.

To enroll in CalSouthern’s online LLM program, you must have a Juris Doctor or a foreign degree that qualifies you to practice law. CalSouthern offers LLM programs in three rapidly growing fields: Commerce and Global Trade, Environmental Policy and Resources, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The CalSouthern LLM program is offered online with no group work or mandatory log-in times, enabling students to study on their own schedules, without compromising their professional and personal obligations. All faculty mentors in the LLM program are licensed, practicing attorneys, as well as dedicated and responsive educators.

The California Committee of Bar Examiners requires that CalSouthern refer all prospective students and applicants to the required disclosures. Please click here to review the disclosure.

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