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Introduction to the Master of Science in Law (MSL)

The Master of Science in Law (MSL) is an innovative, versatile degree program designed for individuals interested in the post-graduate study of law, but who do not want to practice as an attorney. It enhances many other professions and is ideal for business executives and entrepreneurs, policy makers, human resource professionals and many others. Additionally, those beginning work in the field of law will find it helpful in advancing their careers to other areas such as law office administration and litigation support. The program complements its foundational law curriculum such as torts, contracts and constitutional law with robust courses in immigration law, international law and intellectual property, among many others—all taught by skilled educators who are also practicing attorneys.

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Position Yourself for Professional Growth: CalSouthern’s Online Master of Science in Law Degree

The law pervades virtually every aspect of our society. In our careers, many of us are exposed to aspects of the law on a daily basis. A comprehensive understanding of the law could help many of us grow in our careers, but unfortunately, our legal knowledge is often very limited. It’s understandable that outside of going to law school, there are few legal education opportunities, even at the college level.

CalSouthern’s online Master of Science in Law (MSL) is designed for people who aren’t interested in practicing law as an attorney, but who are looking for a comprehensive, respected, post-graduate degree in law to grow in their careers. Business executives, human resources professionals, policy makers and advocates, mediators, health care professionals, and litigation support professionals all may find that an online MSL could prove extremely valuable, whether you are looking to advance in such a position or to secure a job in one of these fields.

Learners in the CalSouthern online Master of Science in Law degree program will study many of the subjects that make up the core curriculum of law school study. For example, you will study criminal law, contracts, constitutional law, and torts. Other areas of study include immigration law, wills, trusts and estates, international law, and intellectual property.

You will be mentored by faculty who are experienced, responsive law professors, as well as practicing attorneys and experts in their fields. They will apply their real-world experience as they work with you on a one-to-one basis as you progress toward your degree. They, along with CalSouthern’s administration and staff, will be there to support you every step of the way.

The Master of Science in Law is not a Juris Doctor degree, and will not qualify you to sit for the bar examination. But it’s a demanding, respected and wonderfully versatile advanced degree that could be of great benefit in a wide variety of fields, and one that could set you apart from the competition in a competitive marketplace.

The California Committee of Bar Examiners requires that CalSouthern refer all prospective students and applicants to the required disclosures. Please click here to review the disclosure.

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