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We understand that choosing whether to pursue your degree and where is an extremely important decision. Below you will find additional resources to help you learn more about CalSouthern and online higher education in general, in order to decide whether CalSouthern is a good fit for your personal and professional goals.

The Realities of Online Education, Part One: The Learners’ Perspective

As online higher education continues to grow and gain acceptance across the country and around the world, questions—and misconceptions—remain. How does the faculty-student relationship compare to that found in the traditional university setting? Is the learning methodology effective?

The Realities of Online Higher Education, Part Two: The Faculty Perspective

In Part Two, we explore faculty members’ perspectives on the advantages and challenges of online learning, characteristics shared by the most successful students and common mistakes that plague otherwise successful learners. We also provide tips for optimizing the student-instructor relationship, and discuss the future of online education among other subjects.

The Dirty Half Dozen—Exploding Six Myths about Online Education

As might be expected in any groundbreaking field, a number of misconceptions have arisen regarding online higher education. Unfortunately, they do a great disservice to current and prospective students, alumni, hiring managers, and many others, all in addition to the institutions themselves.

Keys to Online Learning Success: A Conversation with Dr. Lewis Sanborne

By almost every conceivable measure, online higher education continues to grow. According to the latest annual Sloan Survey of Online Learning—the leading barometer of online learning in the United States, conducted by the esteemed Sloan Consortium—online higher education is growing at 21 percent, far exceeding the two-percent growth of the overall higher education population.

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