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Annahita Mahdavi Speaks on Cross-Cultural Issues in Therapeutic Settings

CalSouthern’s Master Lecture Series Continues March 11, with Presentation on Bullying in a Cyber Society

California Southern University’s Master Lecture Series continued on February 25, 2011 with a presentation by Annahita Mahdavi titled Cultivating Sensitivity to Multicultural Issues in Therapy.

CalSouthern Master Lecture SeriesIn an engaging presentation, Mahdavi began by reviewing some of the classic definitions of ethnicity and culture, as well as some of the traditional “textbook” approaches to multiculturalism before noting that issues of cross- and multiculturalism are far more complex in practice.

“Classic theories and applications can become problematic when practicing in a multicultural setting, because each individual is very different than the next in terms of the specific cultural beliefs and influences that impact that person’s thought patterns and behaviors,” says Mahdavi. “You can’t underestimate the influence of culture. But at the same time, individuals do share certain universal patterns, which makes even more complex the job of processing clients to identify maladaptive behaviors and find the appropriate correction.”

As families from minority cultural groups establish themselves in the dominant group’s culture, cross-cultural struggles between traditional and transitional generations often arise, further complicating the role of the therapist, and underscoring how imperative it is that therapists develop cultural sensitivity. Mahdavi drove this point home by quoting Dr. Madeleine Leininger, a pioneer in transcultural nursing: “Having knowledge of a culture before trying to help a client and family is analogous to a nurse or physician having a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology before attempting to meet a patient’s physical needs.”

Mahdahvi stressing the importance of a therapist first honestly processing his or her own cultural influences and worldview—as well as any preconceptions or biases concerning a client’s cultural group—prior to undertaking a therapeutic intervention. And, of course, he or she must continually develop multicultural competency. Fortunately, there are more tools available to the therapist than ever before, including a wealth of books, seminars, workshops, and classes. She encourages all Learners interested in practicing cross-cultural psychology to take their multicultural classes very seriously and to work with Mentors to develop and complete projects to further enhance multicultural skills and sensitivity.

Mahdavi concluded her lecture with what she described as the most fundamentally essential rule of thumb pertaining to all interventions with a multicultural application, the Carl Rogers tenet of treating all clients with unconditional positive regard.

You can view Annahita Mahdavi’s presentation in its entirety here.

The Master Lecture Series continues on March 11, 2011, when Dr. Joshua Taylor returns to CalSouthern to deliver a presentation titled Bullying in a Cyber World. In it, Dr. Taylor will explore how advances in technology and social networking have changed bullying, in addition to discussing how children develop bullying behaviors and what can be done to prevent it. Finally, he will describe the roles of educators and parents and outline what can be done to help the bullied child.

Registration is available for in-person attendance or for participation in the live webinar.


03 2011

Faculty Mentor, Academic Advisor Join School of Behavioral Sciences

California Southern University is pleased to welcome Toby Spiegel, Psy.D., and Kathleen Hawks, M.S., M.F.T.I., to the University’s School of Behavioral Sciences.  Dr. Spiegel will join the staff as an Academic Advisor/Faculty Mentor, while Ms. Hawks will assume the position of Academic Advisor. Both bring outstanding academic credentials and a wealth of field experience to their positions. In addition, they each have a passion for inspiring self learning and for making a meaningful connection with every student as they lead them to a rewarding and successful educational experience.

Dr. Barbara GrimesDr. Spiegel and Ms. Hawks are invaluable additions to the University and to the Department,” says Dr. Barbara Grimes, Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences. “Not only are they talented practitioners and gifted educators, they will devote the attention and care needed to ensure that CalSouthern Learners achieve their academic and professional goals.

Dr. Spiegel has extensive experience in counseling, forensic and community health and working with at-risk and incarcerated youth. In addition, she has provided therapy to foster children, as well as support and parent education to foster families. She has also taught at the Master’s and Doctorate levels, specializing in forensic psychology and counseling. To learn how Dr. Spiegel can enhance your CalSouthern experience, call her at (714) 882-7811, ext. 4211.

Kathleen Hawks has an impressive and diverse background as an educator and counselor, with experience in adult chemical dependency education, psycho-education, art therapy and curriculum development. She has mentored students from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a broad range of needs, and she has special expertise teaching and counseling military personnel. Kathleen is ready to help you fulfill your educational goals. She can be reached at (714) 882-7857, ext. 4257.


01 2011

CalSouthern Faculty Spotlight: Sheila McCabe, M.S.G.

Sheila McCabe

L-R: Sheila McCabe, Dr. Grimes and Dr. Tanimura

CalSouthern would like to welcome Sheila McCabe, M.S.G., as a new undergraduate faculty member for the School of Behavioral Sciences.  Ms. McCabe has an undergraduate degree in Human Development from California State University, Long Beach and a master’s degree in Gerontology from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF).  In addition, Ms. McCabe is presently working on a second master’s in counseling at CSUF. Throughout her educational and professional development Ms. McCabe has incorporated a strong biopsychosocial focus to understanding the process of human development and aging.  She is currently the Mentor for PSY 2408, Current Issues in Psychology and Health, a course that takes an integrative approach to promoting health and preventing illness by examining the biological, psychological and social aspects of a person’s life.


02 2010

Faculty Spotlight: Barbara Lackey, Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara Lackey has been a Faculty Mentor with the School of Behavioral Sciences since its inception. She has played a significant role in helping to build the school and its programs and has mentored hundreds of students, guiding them through their degree programs. Some of the areas she specializes in are addictions, attachment theory, PTSD, workplace violence and harassment, phase of life issues, personality assessment and hypnotherapy.

Click here to view Dr. Lackey’s Bio and read more about her credentials and affiliations.


11 2008

Faculty Spotlight: Edward Hoffman, Ph.D.

Edward Hoffman, Ph.D., has practiced clinical psychology in New York City for over 20 years and is the author of 14 books.  Topping the list, The Right to Be Human: A Biography of Abraham Maslow (McGraw-Hill) has been translated into Chinese and Japanese and won a book award from the American Counseling Association.  He lectures on spiritual psychology throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America and is the biographer and international authority on the life and work of Abraham Maslow.

About the book:
Fascinating and visionary, Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) pioneered revolutionary ideas that helped form modern psychology and laid the cornerstones of contemporary marketing, motivation, self-actualization, and management trends.  The Right to Be Human is a fascinating portrait of one of the seminal thinkers of the twentieth century – at once a vivid biography of a truly original personality and an intellectual journey to the very source of how we think about and manage our businesses today

Dr. Hoffman is a mentor for the following courses at CalSouthern:

  • PSY 7550 Positive Psychology I
  • PSY 7551 Positive Psychology II
  • PSY 6505 Theories of Human Development


05 2008