California Southern University Mission Statement

Mission Statement

California Southern University is a global online Institution. We prepare learners to succeed in a world that we have yet to imagine. We do this through active learning, respecting diversity, and promoting intellectual freedom.

California Southern University fulfills its mission by:

  • Delivering instruction through online education by monitoring, evaluating and reporting the learner's academic progress through a faculty mentoring relationship in each course.
  • Providing learners the opportunity to understand facts and ideas, to think analytically, and to reason and express conclusions clearly.
  • Promoting intellectual inquiry that enhances the cultural, social, and professional development of the learner.
  • Broadening the scope and depth of the learner's knowledge in the various fields of study.
  • Providing an opportunity for personal enrichment.
  • Providing education in fields where a demonstrated need has been identified.

University Goals

  • Provide degree programs that combine traditional modes of education in an online format to enable learners to meet their academic, professional, and personal goals.
  • Provide quality instruction for the development of essential skills in the areas of behavioral science, business, and law.
  • Maintain flexibility in the delivery of programs to meet the needs of the university's learners.
  • Foster an awareness of and respect for diversity by maintaining an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for the diverse world in which our learners live and work.
  • Maintain an institutional culture characterized by candor, transparency, and best professional practices.
  • Demonstrate adherence to ethical standards while providing academic support and intellectual freedom.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

During the course of study at California Southern University, each learner is expected to:

  • Apply specific subject matter in a chosen field of study that leads to personal and professional development.
  • Utilize a variety of information accurately and appropriately.
  • Effectively communicate in writing across settings, purposes, and audiences.
  • Effectively communicate orally, demonstrating well organized thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a coherent presentation.
  • Apply the use of logic, numbers and/or mathematics to a scientific system of inquiry from which to draw logical conclusions.
  • Make informed decisions that meet professional standards of ethical and legal behavior.
  • Exercise critical thinking and reasoning in judgment, decision making, and problem solving.
  • Integrate awareness of cultural diversity issues in a global society..