CalSouthern Faculty Mentors

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are talented, highly credentialed educators who are also experienced practitioners in the subject areas in which they teach—and they use that practical experience to help learners apply the concepts they learn to current, real-world issues.

A common misconception about online learning is that it is impersonal, that learners are on their own. At CalSouthern, that could not be further from the truth. Faculty mentors get to know their students and provide one-on-one, personalized feedback on their assignments. They are also available by email, phone or Skype to answer their questions or provide any additional support or guidance they might need.

To learn more about CalSouthern’s faculty mentors, their professional and academic backgrounds and research areas of interest, please use the directory below.

  • Business issues in software development applications, best-in-class improvements for project management functions in corporations
  • Accounting, finance
  • Religion, anthropology, sociology, psychology, gender studies
  • White-collar and financial crime
  • Business law and estate planning, criminal justice and homeland security, constitutional arguments regarding privacy and search and seizure, tort liability
  • Modern portfolio theory, entrepreneurship, finance

  • Homicide, human trafficking, corrections, juvenile delinquency, organizational crime, sex offenses, terrorism, cybercrime, white-collar crime
  • Quaternary paleontology, late Pleistocene extinctions, the evolution, morphology and allometry of bovids
  • Globalization and its impact on U.S. business, developing countries and less-developed countries, global leadership, regional economic integration, the European Union, change management, innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Twenty-first century, global business management, leadership, organizational development, digital marketing, finance, strategic technology management, teaching methodologies, assessment methods, technology and education