CalSouthern Faculty Mentors

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are talented, highly credentialed educators who are also experienced practitioners in the subject areas in which they teach—and they use that practical experience to help learners apply the concepts they learn to current, real-world issues.

A common misconception about online learning is that it is impersonal, that learners are on their own. At CalSouthern, that could not be further from the truth. Faculty mentors get to know their students and provide one-on-one, personalized feedback on their assignments. They are also available by email, phone or Skype to answer their questions or provide any additional support or guidance they might need.

To learn more about CalSouthern’s faculty mentors, their professional and academic backgrounds and research areas of interest, please use the directory below.


John Gaze, PhD

Faculty Mentor, School of Business

Areas of Interest and Expertise
Diversity, healthcare, higher education

Dr. Gaze has more than 30 years of experience in the areas of general administration, human resources, marketing, finance, logistics, facilities management, health benefit contracts, contracting and auditing. He has worked in civilian, Veterans Health Administration and military (Air Force and Navy) healthcare facilities.

Dr. Gaze retired from the Navy in 2011 after serving 23 years as a Naval officer and healthcare administrator. He currently works as a supervisory auditor for the U.S. government.

Dr. Gaze has taught undergraduate and graduate courses online, mixed-mode and face-to-face since 2003.

He spends all of his free time with his wife and four children. This includes trips to Disney World, the zoo, science center and more.

Educational Background
PhD, Touro College, New York, New York; MBA, Trident University International, Cypress, California; MS, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts; MEd, Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania; BS, Excelsior College, Albany, New York; MBA, City University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington; BBA, Tampa College, Tampa, Florida