CalSouthern Faculty Mentors

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are talented, highly credentialed educators who are also experienced practitioners in the subject areas in which they teach—and they use that practical experience to help learners apply the concepts they learn to current, real-world issues.

A common misconception about online learning is that it is impersonal, that learners are on their own. At CalSouthern, that could not be further from the truth. Faculty mentors get to know their students and provide one-on-one, personalized feedback on their assignments. They are also available by email, phone or Skype to answer their questions or provide any additional support or guidance they might need.

To learn more about CalSouthern’s faculty mentors, their professional and academic backgrounds and research areas of interest, please use the directory below.


James Coulter, JD

Faculty Mentor, Law

Areas of Interest and Expertise
Criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, Constitutional law

Mr. Coulter is presently the Assistant District Attorney in charge of the Central Justice Center for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, which is responsible for handling all of the general misdemeanor and felony cases for the Central Orange County jurisdiction. He started his career as a prosecutor in the Riverside D.A.’s office before transferring to Orange County in 1989. He has handled thousands of criminal cases while serving in a number of different assignments in the office, including heading the Training Division, which is responsible for the training all of the attorney’s, paralegals and investigators in the office.

He holds a JD from Pepperdine Law School and BBA from the University of Southern California. In addition to his work as a Deputy District Attorney, he instructs police officers in the areas of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault laws. Finally, he mentors students at California Southern Law School in the areas of: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence.

Assistant District Attorney
Orange County District Attorney’s Office
Prosecution of all types of criminal cases. Currently the Manager of the Central Justice Center—overseeing all of the general misdemeanor and felony prosecutions for Central Orange County 1989 to present

Deputy District Attorney
Riverside County District Attorney’s Office
Prosecution of all types of criminal cases. 1988 to 1989

Peace Officer Standards Training Instructor
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault for First Responders
Domestic Violence for Crisis Negotiators. 1998 to present
Educational Background

JD, Pepperdine University, California; BS Business Administration, University of Southern California

Courses Taught
  • LAW 5115 - Criminal Law
  • LAW 5116 - Criminal Procedure
  • LAW 5123 - Constitutional Law I
  • LAW 5124 - Constitutional Law II
  • LAW 5135 - Evidence
  • MSL 6100 - Criminal Law
  • MSL 6300 - Constitutional Law
  • MSL 86100 - Criminal Law
  • MSL 86300 - Constitutional Law