Online Library Services

The CalSouthern Online Library

The CalSouthern online library has all the tools and resources you will need for your academic research and writing. Its collection of specialized research databases is on par with that of any public or private brick-and-mortar institution.

In addition to the research databases, you’ll find a wealth of videos and multi-media resources on topics of interest to CalSouthern students, scholarly writing and citation tools, curated collections of academic websites, e-books, an interlibrary loan service, textbook services, a dedicated law library, news media databases and a comprehensive career services section.

However, even the most comprehensive collection of resources is of little use if you can’t find what you’re looking for. That’s why the library services department has carefully designed and refined the library so that researching your particular topic is a user-friendly and intuitive process. Also, the library is replete with multimedia tutorials, easy-to-follow guides and categorized tips to make your research more effective and efficient.

CalSouthern students’ favorite library resource? That would be our ALA-certified librarian, who stands ready to assist individual students with their research and writing, and to help them fully utilize all the tools and resources that are available to them.

School of Behavioral Sciences
  • PsycBOOKS American Psychological Association (APA) database of 3,000+ ebooks
  • PsycARTICLES American Psychological Association (APA) journal database
  • PsycEXTRA American Psychological Association (APA) database
  • ProQuest Psychology Journals database
  • PsychiatryOnline Full text access to DSM-IV, American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. journals and textbooks
  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection journal database
  • ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source journal database
  • ProQuest Family Health journal database
  • ProQuest Health and Medical Complete journal database
  • ProQuest Social Science Journals database
  • Salem Health Psychology and Mental Health An electronic encyclopedia
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Over 1 million full text dissertations
  • Counseling and Therapy in Video 400+ hours of video

School of Business
  • Books24x7 BusinessPro 6,000+ ebooks
  • ABI/INFORM Dateline Local and regional business news coverage
  • ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry 1,200+ business periodicals and newsletters
  • ABI/INFORM Global Nearly 3000 worldwide business periodicals
  • GreenFILE Environmental and green technology articles
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Asian Business and Reference
  • Banking Information Source
  • Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete
  • Criminal Justice Periodicals
  • Hoover's Company Records
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Over 1 million full text dissertations
  • ProQuest Newsstand 900+ U.S. and international newspapers

School of Law
  • LexisNexis
  • WestLaw
  • CALI Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction
  • Criminal Justice Periodicals database
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses - Access to over 1 million full text dissertations
  • Plus access to all University Library subscription databases

Library Research Frequently Asked Questions

What research databases will I have access to when I enroll at the University?
The University Library provides free access to same types of academic subscription databases as brick and mortar universities offer. Full text documents in the databases are available for download at no cost. The databases provide access to a variety of academic materials: journal publications, ebooks, psychotherapy videos, company financials, conference papers, newspapers, dissertations plus other academic sources.

What other resources and services does the University Library provide?
The University Library maintains extensive listings of evaluated academic websites to save you time locating resources. The Library also provides tutorials on searching the databases and guides covering legal citation and APA Style citation.

Is writing assistance available?
The University Writing Center offers an extensive compilation of resources that will assist you with the writing and citation process.

How do I get a book my local library does not have?
If an item is not owned by a local library, most public libraries offer a complimentary interlibrary loan service for books; an alternative source for textbooks. The California Southern University Library's interlibrary loan service is available for journal article requests at no cost. The Library recommends searching to locate items in libraries near your zip code.

Please contact Library Services for more information:

California Southern University Library
Tel: 1.800.477.2254 Ext. 4023