A Practical, Career-Relevant Education

CalSouthern’s Applied Degrees Are Ready To Be Put To Work!

Everything about CalSouthern’s degree programs is designed to provide you with the most practical, career-relevant education possible.

The curriculum is continuously enhanced and updated to reflect the very latest trends and best practices in the field. Your faculty mentors practice in the fields in which they teach. They’ll help you apply the concepts you learn to solve real-world challenges in your areas of interest, using your personal experience.

This philosophy extends to our professional doctorates, too. Unlike the PhD which is primarily oriented to scholarly research and a career in academia, CalSouthern’s Doctor of Psychology, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Business Administration equip you with the higher-order knowledge and tangible skills you need to achieve your professional goals.

It’s not an education to hang on a wall. It’s an education to put to work.

CalSouthern's Applied Degrees and Certificates