A Community of Student Support

At CalSouthern, You're Never Alone!

CalSouthern is a different sort of online university. You won’t enroll, then suddenly find yourself left to sink or swim on your own. At CalSouthern, you may study on your own, but you’re never alone.

You’ll have a personal support team comprised of your faculty mentors, academic success advisor, learning success advisor and dean. Dedicated professionals, their only job it is to ensure that you have all of the personalized guidance and support you need to succeed.

But that just scratches the surface. You’ll also have a librarian who will personally help you with your academic research and writing. A responsive IT staff will answer all of your questions and help you fully utilize the many technological tools and resources at your disposal.

This unwavering focus on you, the learner, extends through the entire university. It begins with your very first contact with an enrollment advisor, who will provide straightforward answers to all your questions—and have the integrity to let you know if CalSouthern is not the right fit for you.

And it will continue through graduation and beyond, when you become a valued member of CalSouthern’s alumni association.