Mentor (men-tohr): A Wise and Trusted Guide

One-on-One Faculty Mentoring from Experienced, Responsive Professionals

“Faculty mentor” is a term that was coined by CalSouthern’s founder Dr. Donald Hecht. He needed a new way to describe how learning takes place at CalSouthern. It’s nothing like what you’d find at a traditional university.

At CalSouthern, faculty mentors aren’t career academicians. Sure, they’re highly credentialed educators. But they are also experienced professionals in the fields they teach. They don’t deliver information to you to memorize and then recite on an exam. Their role is to work with you one-on-one, helping you take the material and apply it to real-world challenges in the field, using today’s best practices. They’ll get to know you, and tailor their instruction based on your professional and life experience, as well as your interests.

Perhaps most important—your faculty mentors are there for you. Have a question about the course material? Want to dive deeper into a topic that’s of particular interest to you? Your mentors are available by phone, email or Skype. They’re responsive and they’ll take all the time you need to make sure you’re receiving the most personalized, career-relevant education they can deliver.

2014 CalSouthern Faculty Mentor of the Year - Dr. Barbara Lackey