Convenient. Flexible. Efficient.

With Online Learning, You Can Earn Your Degree Any Time, Anywhere!

All of CalSouthern’s certificates and degree programs are offered online. No mandatory log-in times. No group projects.

What does this mean for you?

It means you have the freedom and flexibility to earn your degree around your schedule, without compromising your work and family lives. Many of our learners tell us that if it weren’t for CalSouthern’s uniquely flexible approach to online learning, achieving their educational dreams would simply have been impossible.

Online learning is more than just flexible and convenient. It’s also efficient. There’s no wasted time. We don’t force you to conform to the pace of the classroom. Progress at your pace. Move quickly through material that you grasp immediately. Take more time to make sure you fully grasp more challenging concepts.

Online learning is effective, too. But don’t take our word for it. A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education (“Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies”) found that students who took all or part of their instruction online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.