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The President's Award for Doctoral Project Excellence

CalSouthern doctoral students dedicate themselves to the most extraordinarily challenging, yet supremely rewarding task in academia: the doctoral project. Those that successfully meet the challenge accomplish something to which many aspire, yet few attain—they create work that advances the field in their chosen discipline.

The best doctoral projects are brilliant. They are creative. They have a positive impact on people and on communities. They are infused with humanity.

The President’s Award for Doctoral Project Excellence is presented each year at CalSouthern’s Commencement Ceremony to a graduate whose doctoral project best embodies these characteristics.

Please take a moment to learn more about the past winners—and their work—by clicking on the links to the left.

Since the award’s inception, the winners have come from widely varying fields and backgrounds. However, each of them inspire, and each of them perfectly represents the ideals upon which the CalSouthern Difference Award was founded.