BAS | Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Applied Science Courses at CalSouthern

Below, please find the online courses that comprise CalSouthern’s Bachelor of Applied Science program. The core courses provide a well-rounded business curriculum. In addition, learners can choose elective courses to concentrate their studies in subject areas such as management, accounting, human resources, leadership, marketing and international business, among others.

Required Core Courses

CAP 2404 BAS Capstone

Credits : 3

This BAS capstone project is the culminating endeavor of Learners who earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from California Southern University. The project provides Learners with the opportunity to explore a problem or issue of particular personal or professional interest in their field. It allows Learners to demonstrate their ability to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their studies to real-world situation in applied sciences. The final project should affirm Learners’ ability to think critically and creatively, to solve practical problems, to make reasoned and ethical decision, to communicate effectively and to demonstrate mastery and application of learned skills.

Course Concepts
  • Capstone project topic
  • Capstone project organization
  • Topic and organization examples
  • Select and submit Capstone Project topic and organization
  • APA format and outline
  • Begin Capstone Project paper
  • Develop Capstone Project paper
  • Capstone Project progress reports
  • Submit Capstone Project paper

Bachelor of Applied Science Elective Courses

Elective courses can be chosen from any undergraduate program. Concentration in a specific subject area requires 15 semester credits of elective courses in that specific area of study.

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