BAS | Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Applied Science Courses at CalSouthern

Below, please find the online courses that comprise CalSouthern’s Bachelor of Applied Science program. The core courses provide a well-rounded business curriculum. In addition, learners can choose elective courses to concentrate their studies in subject areas such as management, accounting, human resources, leadership, marketing and international business, among others.

Required Core Courses

MKT 2400 Essentials of Marketing

Credits : 3

This course is intended to expose Learners to the process of building profitable customer relationships through an integrative customer-value/customer-equity framework of marketing. They will learn the intricacies of marketing, as well as how the concept of marketing is interrelated to a company's entire vision, mission, and strategic plan.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the language and vocabulary of marketing.
  • Describe the environmental forces that affect the company’s ability to serve its customers.
  • Discuss the importance of understanding customer value perceptions and company costs when setting prices.
  • Write a simple marketing plan and apply marketing concepts.
  • Identify what electronic commerce and interactive marketing are and how they create customer value.
  • Describe how primary and secondary data are used in marketing decisions.
  • Explain the importance of global marketing to the economy of the United States.
  • Indicate why a good marketer is an ethical marketer and why good marketers believe in employee diversity.
  • Evaluate and incorporate emerging relevant technologies applicable to the Business environment
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology
  • Analyze and evaluate your overall comprehension of the course relative to a broad-based evaluation of your understanding of the course concepts

Bachelor of Applied Science Elective Courses

Elective courses can be chosen from any undergraduate program. Concentration in a specific subject area requires 15 semester credits of elective courses in that specific area of study.

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