BAS | Bachelor of Applied Science

BAS Outcomes

The program learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Applied Science program are:

Written Communication

Demonstrate the ability to communicate with others using written communication resulting in the ability to make persuasive presentations and leverage technology to enhance communications.

Oral Communication

Demonstrate competence in utilizing oral communication skills appropriately given the purpose and the context of the communication.

Critical Thinking

Employ critical thinking and reasoning skills to a broad understanding of creative-problem solving techniques and information systems and technology in support of organizational goals.

Cultural And Social Understanding

Recognize the importance of diversity and develop an understanding of the local and global impact of information technology on individuals, organizations, and society.

Information Literacy

Demonstrate the application of business competencies, information technology competencies, and project management competencies necessary for organizational success.

Personal Development

Apply core competencies learned in the graduate’s chosen concentration to function as a successful professional as related to both personal and professional goals.

Quantitative Reasoning

Exhibit analytical thought and informed judgment through the use of mathematical reasoning, and interpretation of mathematical models and formulas.

Scientific Reasoning

Utilize informed analyses and other cognitive decision‑making tools to make socially-responsible, situation‑appropriate decisions.

Ethical, Legal, And Professional Issues

Demonstrate personal and professional ethical and legal responsibility in the application of best practices and standards to conform to legal and regulatory standards in all managerial and organizational decision making.

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