Certificate in Human Resources Management

Certificate in Human Resources Management Courses

CalSouthern’s Certificate in Human Resources Management is an 18-credit program, comprised of the following six required courses:

MGT 86519 Ethics in Business

Credits : 3

This course focuses on corporate behavior and decision making from the context of ethical and global issues; the influence of political environmental, legal, regulatory, and technological issues and the impact of diversity on organizations. Through readings and case studies, an understanding of a wide variety of workplace issues, such as discrimination, product safety, international operations, right to privacy, advertising and product safety is developed.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Integrate the course concepts through interaction with other Learners and your Mentor
  • Distinguish between moral, ethical, prudent, and law theories of ethical behavior.
  • Conduct a synopsis of a case by identifying major issues relating to ethical responsibilities; analyzing and evaluating issues and decisions made; recommend strategies, actions, or alternatives to follow.
  • Identify issues in the workplace that managers face.
  • Clarify one's own personal values relating to business ethics
  • Acquire exposure to international dimensions of ethics and cultures.
  • Interpret views on social responsibilities of a corporation from the viewpoint of shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Compare and contrast the following views to consumers: contract, care and social costs.
  • Explain employee’s right to know about workplace hazards.
  • Characterize what actions constitute sexual harassment.
  • Summarize problems encountered by multinational corporations when conducting business in other countries.
  • Practices ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology.
  • Demonstrate your overall comprehension of the course relative to a broad-based evaluation of your understanding of the course concepts
  • Deliver an effective oral presentation through an informative and persuasive presentation

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