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Certificate in Project Management

CBPM - Certificate in Project Management

Develop Expertise in a Growing Business Trend With CalSouthern’s Project Management Certificate

It’s a fact: More and more business organizations—of all sizes and across all business sectors—are adopting a project-oriented model. Given this trend, CalSouthern’s project management online certificate represents a terrific educational opportunity, whether you’re looking for continuing education to keep up with the latest best practices in project management, or a business executive looking for a foundational understanding of this important operational strategy.

Upon completion of the program, you don’t receive a degree, but rather a post-baccalaureate certificate that denotes specialized, graduate-level knowledge in a particular subject matter: project management. All courses are MBA-level, taught by CalSouthern School of Business faculty who are experienced business professionals, as well as gifted instructors. Should you so desire, you can use the project management certificate as a springboard to your MBA.

To enroll in any of the CalSouthern School of Business certificate programs, you need to have obtained a bachelor’s degree. It isn’t necessary, though, for that bachelor’s degree to be in a business-related field. For this reason, our certificate programs are an excellent opportunity for students from other academic disciplines to develop post-graduate level knowledge in a specific business area of interest to them.

All of CalSouthern’s certificate programs are entirely online. In other words, you can progress through the program at your own pace, on your own schedule, and with minimal disruption to your professional and family lives.

Please take a moment to browse through the course descriptions and to familiarize yourself with CalSouthern’s project management certificate program. It’s a flexible, convenient, graduate-level academic program covering a topic that represents an important business trend.

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