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Introduction to the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

CalSouthern’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) accredited degree provides a rich, advanced education for senior leadership roles. It’s a great opportunity for professionals with MBAs to gain business expertise at the highest academic level and distinguish themselves from other MBAs. The DBA is designed to develop practical and highly specialized expertise to be applied to actual business challenges in our increasingly complex and technologically driven business world. The doctoral project requires students to research and analyze a business problem in their area of interest. It’s one of the richest and most rewarding academic challenges you’ll ever face, and it can establish you as an expert in your field of study.

CalSouthern's DBA gives working professionals the advanced business knowledge and practical skills they need to rise to a leadership position in their current organization, make a career change or start a business of their own. It's a great opportunity for MBAs and others to gain additional business expertise at the highest academic level and to distinguish themselves from the competition in a challenging job market.

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The DBA—the Right Degree, the Right Time

Many business professionals with MBA degrees would like to pursue additional education to develop added expertise of the highest level, and to gain a competitive edge over others with the same degree. However, many assume—mistakenly—that their only option is a PhD, which is an academic doctorate, preparing the student more for scholarly research and publication, rather than enhanced business opportunity and success.

In fact, there’s another option. The DBA—the Doctor of Business Administration—is an applied doctorate. It’s designed to help you develop practical, specialized knowledge to compete in an increasingly complex world. CalSouthern’s online DBA degree will help you develop higher-order thinking, with an ability to survey, analyze, and synthesize the latest business or technological developments, and then apply these skills to solve problems within your business or field of practice. And our online DBA degree is extremely focused and personalized; up to 25 percent of the DBA program can be devoted to a doctoral project of your own selection and corresponding to your particular business interests and areas of expertise. In fact, upon completion of your doctoral project, you may have distinguished yourself as one of the industry’s leading experts in that particular subject area.

CalSouthern’s DBA program is online. You can complete it without compromising your family or career obligations. You’ll work with our outstanding School of Business faculty. Business leaders as well as gifted instructors, they will mentor you, one-on-one, from your first DBA class through the successful completion of your doctoral project.

The competition for business leadership positions has never been more intense. With an online DBA degree from CalSouthern, you can attain the ultimate academic degree in the field, develop the highest-level expertise in your specific subject of interest, all while gaining an undeniable competitive advantage over the competition. The DBA is truly a degree whose time has come.

Accredited & Recognized

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CalSouthern University's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), ensuring the equality of your education. Our program follows best practice standards for business education.

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