DBA | Doctor of Business Administration

DBA Outcomes

The program learning outcomes of the Doctor of Business Administration degree program are:


Employ business communication skills in a variety of modalities to communicate strategic approaches to business practices and translate research findings into actionable guidelines for management.

Critical Thinking

Apply advanced critical and conceptual thinking skills in analyzing the effective handling of business problems and opportunities.

Cultural and Social Understanding

Acquire an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the interconnectedness of the social and cultural dimensions within communities and their impact on business theory and practices.

Information Literacy

Identify the nature and scope of the information needed in relation to accessing and evaluating scholarly materials and applying current research to business and management.

Personal Development

Integrate formal academic learning to align with personal experiences in business administration, leadership, and management so that learning is meaningful and relates to personal and/or professional goals.

Quantitative Reasoning

Apply qualitative and quantitative tools to Integrate internal and external data to support evidence-based decision making and to perform effective business analysis.

Scientific Reasoning

Utilize the requisite research skills and generate empirical evidence to apply situational analyses and evaluate the impact of managerial actions.

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

Demonstrate ethical behavior as it relates to legal and ethical principles, professional standards of practice, social responsibility and corporate governance in business situations.

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