DBA Doctoral Project

DBA | Doctor of Business Administration

The DBA’s Doctoral Project

CalSouthern’s Doctor of Business Administration degree program culminates with the doctoral project. While it is likely to be the most challenging academic endeavor you will ever undertake, it will also be the most intellectually rewarding and personally enriching.

With guidance from your doctoral project committee and chairman, you will select a topic of special interest and/or relevance to your personal and career goals. While there is ample flexibility regarding the methodology you use—for example, you might conduct a critical analysis of the literature, an action-based research project or an analysis of a practical business application—your final written work will conform to an internationally accepted, five-chapter model that will allow you to best present and showcase your particular business topic, research and findings.

Although the project is certainly a challenging one, your doctoral project chair will provide guidance and support every step of the way, as you choose your topic, research the material and write, edit and—ultimately—defend your project. You will also be invited to attend CalSouthern’s acclaimed Doctoral Project Boot Camp, a multi-day, interactive workshop where you will work closely with CalSouthern faculty and academic writing specialists, as well as have the opportunity to exchange ideas—and perhaps commiserate—with other CalSouthern learners who are going through the same experience.

Upon completion and the oral defense of your project, you will be poised to present your work at business conferences and workshops. Even more important, you will have established yourself as a bona fide expert in a business topic of special interest—a fantastic way to distinguish yourself in a crowded and fast-evolving business world.

The Doctoral Project Phase of the DBA Program

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