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MBA with a Concentration in Project Management

Take Advantage of a Business Trend With an MBA and a Concentration in Project Management

CalSouthern’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in project management is a versatile degree that’s perfectly suited to today’s business landscape. With more and more businesses organizing themselves along a project-based model, a comprehensive understanding of this discipline and an online project management degree can be valuable tools to set yourself apart in today’s competitive marketplace. Skilled project managers are increasingly in demand, across industries and across borders.

Factors like downsizing, outsourcing, and accelerated rates of change and product development are leading traditional businesses to transition into project-oriented organizations. CalSouthern can prepare you to take advantage of this trend. By supplementing your online MBA degree program with elective courses in areas such as project management organization, integration, and strategic design, among others, you can earn an MBA with a concentration in project management.

CalSouthern’s online MBA program is designed to provide the skills required by the 21st century business world, while meeting the demands and providing the necessary flexibility for today’s mature, working student. The university’s proprietary learning system is online, so you can work at your own pace without compromising your family life or your work obligations.

When you pursue your online MBA degree at CalSouthern, you’ll be guided by Faculty Mentors who are not only talented and responsive online instructors, but who are also business leaders in their respective fields. They will combine the latest academic theory with real-world business experience to help you apply the concepts to actual business scenarios—developing the precise proficiencies you’ll need to succeed in today’s fast-moving marketplace, including project management skills such as new product development, project scope assessment, resource allocation, and team building and management. You’ll work with them on a one-to-one basis, which gives them an opportunity to get to know your individual learning style and to work with your specific interests and business experience.

In a competitive marketplace, you have to do everything you can to make sure that the skills and knowledge you develop correspond to real needs arising in today’s business landscape. With more and more companies following the trend toward project-focused business models, an online project management degree can give you every opportunity for success.

Project Management Courses

PM 86903 Project Management Integration

Credits : 3

This course is based on the project management concept of integration. The Learner is exposed to the integration concepts that include the characteristics of unification, consolidation, articulation, and integrative actions that are crucial to project completion, successfully meeting the customer and other stakeholder requirements and managing expectations. The Learner also reviews the different methodologies for applying the various project management knowledge areas, skills, and processes in different orders and degrees of rigor to achieve desired project performance. Also discussed are the integrative protocols that every project manager and their project team must address for every process and the level of implementation required for each of these processes to accomplish the project objectives.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss the seven integrative management processes.
  • Categorize the inputs, tools & techniques, and outputs associated with each of the seven integrative management processes.
  • Evaluate and assess issues concerning project management through formal case study analysis.
  • Recommend how to implement proper planning and scope management for a project.
  • Discuss the five Project Scope Management processes.
  • Analyze the areas that can be stressful for a project manager during the course of managing a project and its team members.
  • Chart the six Project Time Management processes that are discussed in the PMBOK.
  • Examine the events impacting cost overruns and out-of-control project spending.
  • Explain the areas that affect international project costs and cost control measures.
  • Appraise the three Project Cost Management processes that are discussed in the PMBOK.
  • Apply the various concepts and terms associated with quality and quality management.
  • Discuss the three Project Quality Management process and the importance of each.
  • Assess making decisions under certainty, risk, and uncertainty.
  • Explain the Monte Carlo process and importance of “lessons learned.”
  • Evaluate the basic types of project contracts.
  • Explain what is procurement and the various cycles associated with this concept.
  • Compare the concepts of pricing and estimating for project management.
  • Exhibit how pricing and estimating impacts contracts.
  • Incorporate and expand a student's knowledge on their area of interest discussed during the course.
  • Introduce self and explain course expectations.
  • Integrate the course concepts through interaction with other Learners and your Mentor.
  • Access information efficiently and effectively.
  • Evaluate information critically and competently.
  • Practices ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology.

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