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Prepare Yourself to Lead With an MBA and Concentration in Management

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in management is designed to put you on the fast track toward a leadership-level position in a business organization. Not only will you develop the interpersonal and management skills required of upper-management executives, but you’ll arm yourself with an ability to take a broad, 360-degree view of complex organizations and scenarios—an invaluable skill that will pay dividends throughout your entire career.

CalSouthern’s online MBA program is designed to instill the skills required by the 21st century business world, while meeting the demands and providing the necessary flexibility for today’s mature, working student. CalSouthern’s proprietary learning system is online, so you can progress in your degree program as quickly as your busy lifestyle will allow, without interfering with your family and professional obligations.

MBA candidates at CalSouthern are mentored by faculty who are not only talented and responsive online instructors, but who are also business leaders in their respective fields. They will combine the latest academic theory with real-world business experience to help you apply the concepts to actual business scenarios—developing the precise skills you’ll need to succeed in today’s fast-moving marketplace. You’ll work with them on a one-on-one basis, which gives them an opportunity to get to know your individual learning style and to work with your specific interests and business experience.

The online MBA degree program at CalSouthern will give you a broad, well-rounded understanding of how general management principles can be applied to enhance organizational performance. You’ll also apply current technology to research and analyze data to develop solutions to today’s business challenges, all while honing your written and oral communication skills that are absolutely essential in today’s workplace. And by choosing elective courses in organizational behavior, statistical analysis, change management, cross–cultural management, and management of information systems, among other electives, you can earn focus your MBA with a concentration in management.

CalSouthern is an innovator in distance learning since 1978. It’s a respected institution that not only provides flexible learning solutions for graduate-level students, but which also adheres to the highest ethical and academic standards. With an MBA degree with a concentration in management from CalSouthern, you’ll step into today’s fast-moving business world with a robust education that is both well-rounded and specialized, a network of colleagues, and the assurance that your degree has given you the tools you need to rise to a leadership position in your industry of choice.

Management Courses

MGT 86200 Professional Women in Today’s Business Environment

Credits : 3

This course focuses on three paramount objectives to prepare professional business women to be successful in today’s workplace. First, the course will conduct a thorough review of issues and concerns important to women in the workforce. Second, the course will focus on theories about gender differences and workforce discrimination, and, additionally, the legal framework to ensure equity at work. Third, the course will explore and compare issues facing women in the workforce both in the United States and internationally.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Integrate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor.
  • Explore roles and challenges for women in the workforce during the 21st Century.
  • Assess occupational segregation, and gender and employment discrimination.
  • Examine the importance of career opportunities and equal pay.
  • Determine how to properly implement networks and mentors.
  • Impact of gender communications, hostile work environments and sexual harassment.
  • Determine and assess work-life balance and women entrepreneurs.
  • Evaluate effective organizational policies and practices for women’s issues.
  • Apply course concepts and skills to “real-world” business situations to demonstrate comprehension and mastery of course learning objectives.
  • Evaluate information critically and effectively.

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