Masters in Strategic Leadership

MBA | Concentration in Strategic Leadership

CalSouthern’s MBA in Strategic Leadership

The business skills to develop a vision; the leadership skills to execute it

CalSouthern’s Master's Degree (MBA) in strategic leadership is an ideal program for anyone who is currently—or who aspires to be—a corporate leader, whether at the c-level or as the head of a department or division.

While many talented executives have the technical business expertise to make fundamentally sound decisions, it takes a skilled and strategic leader to communicate his or her vision to the organization’s people, secure buy-in and motivate the team to effectively execute the vision.

That’s where CalSouthern’s online MBA degree in strategic leadership comes in. Students will develop a mastery of fundamental business principles in topic areas such as finance, data analysis, marketing and organizational management. But by concentrating their studies in strategic leadership, they can hone invaluable skills in leadership strategies, management communications, human resources and conflict management, among others—all essential for effective leadership in 21st-century business organizations.

At CalSouthern, you’ll work one-on-one with faculty mentors who are not only talented and responsive educators, but who are also skilled and experienced business professionals. Available by phone, email or Skype, they will answer any questions you might have. But even more important, they will help you take the concepts you learn and apply them to real-world challenges presented by today’s business world, using current best practices.

With CalSouthern’s MBA in strategic leadership, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills you need not only to make strategically sound business decisions, but to effectively execute your vision through solid executive-level leadership.

Strategic Leadership Courses

SLDR 86001 Role of Leadership in Strategic Management Communications

Credits : 3

This course demonstrates to the Learner how various business components are interrelated from a communications perspective. It stresses the importance of communication as an effective approach that is applicable to all strategic leadership situations, regardless of the discipline, careers, or organizational levels. Emphasis is placed on strategy management formulation in making clear distinctions between the strategic and tactical elements of communication. Additionally, Learners will explore leadership theory and application on how it meets the needs and requirements of their key audience from a strategic management perspective.

Course Concepts
  • Strategic communication
  • Communication foundation
  • Purpose of communications
  • Audience analysis
  • Context
  • Communication channels
  • Written communications
  • Oral presentations
  • Managing meetings
  • Messaging
  • Employee communication
  • Leading teams
  • Organizational communications

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