Certificate in Strategic Leadership

Certificate in Strategic Leadership

Certificate in Strategic Leadership Courses

CalSouthern’s Certificate in Strategic Leadership is an 21-credit program, comprised of the following six required courses:

SLDR 86001 Role of Leadership in Strategic Management Communications

Credits : 3

This course demonstrates to the Learner how various business components are interrelated from a communications perspective. It stresses the importance of communication as an effective approach that is applicable to all strategic leadership situations, regardless of the discipline, careers, or organizational levels. Emphasis is placed on strategy management formulation in making clear distinctions between the strategic and tactical elements of communication. Additionally, Learners will explore leadership theory and application on how it meets the needs and requirements of their key audience from a strategic management perspective.

Course Concepts
  • Strategic communication
  • Communication foundation
  • Purpose of communications
  • Audience analysis
  • Context
  • Communication channels
  • Written communications
  • Oral presentations
  • Managing meetings
  • Messaging
  • Employee communication
  • Leading teams
  • Organizational communications

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