Certificate in Financial Management

Certificate in Financial Management Courses

CalSouthern’s Certificate in Financial Management is an 18-credit program, comprised of the following six required courses:

MGT 86512 Managerial Accounting for Decision Making

Credits : 3

This course is a study of the use of accounting information in planning, control, and special decision-making. It involves the uses of accounting data internally by managers in directing the affairs of business and non-business organizations. It focuses on the needs of the manager for financial information and timely reports on the firm’s operations in order to make sound managerial decisions.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Describe how managers use the internal accounting activities.
  • Discuss cash and/or assets that must be surrendered to achieve a specific organizational goal.
  • Identify the process of choosing an investment project by estimating the future cash flows from the project.
  • Analyze an organizational architecture in terms of decision making.
  • Discuss costs charged by one segment of an organization for a product or service supplied to another segment of the same corporation
  • Identify the budget forecast of expenses and revenues to occur within a future period of time.
  • Review the basics of cost allocation theory by distribution or assignment of indirect, common or joint costs to different departments.
  • Summarize the goals of internal managerial accounting systems.
  • Discuss the assignment of indirect, common or joint costs to appropriate organizational departments.
  • Discuss the effect of overproduction in terms of internal accounting systems.
  • Discuss the implications of assigning inaccurate costs to organizational departments.
  • Analyze an organizational architecture in terms of decision making.
  • Summarize overhead manufacturing costs that cannot be directly traced to a product.
  • Review the essential components of an internal accounting system.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of internal accounting systems.
  • Introduce self and explain course expectations.
  • Integrate the course concepts through interaction with other Learners and your Mentor.
  • Access information efficiently and effectively
  • Evaluate information critically and competently
  • Practices ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology
  • Deliver an effective oral presentation through an informative and persuasive presentation

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