Spotlight: Kevin Connors and the Hecht Trauma Institute

Jun 3, 2019 by University Communications

Mr. Kevin Connors-2Derived from the Greek word for “wound,” tales of trauma and its profound consequences have existed for millennia. From Herodotus to Freud, those who study the human psyche have long recognized the profound impact that past adverse experiences have upon an individual’s present psychological state. Trauma survivors make up a significant percentage of patients at mental health facilities and require specialized knowledge on behalf of clinicians.

At California Southern University, Kevin Connors, MS, MFT is performing groundbreaking work on the nature of trauma. Kevin is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in grief, loss, trauma, and dissociative disorders. He is the co-author of the book “Treating Complex Trauma and Disassociation,” considered a seminal work in the study of trauma-related disorders. Mr. Connors is the Senior Vice-President of the Hecht Trauma Institute (HTI), an online academic leader dedicated to reducing the human suffering caused by interpersonal violence. The Hecht Trauma Institute’s mission is to provide the finest online education to clinicians treating interpersonal trauma, to support and contribute to cutting-edge research, and to collaborate with other institutions enriching knowledge and increasing advocacy for those whose lives have been affected by complex trauma.

Kevin, and all of our outstanding leaders at California Southern University, are part of what make CalSouthern different. Please contact an admissions adviser today at to learn more about the Hecht Trauma Institute, and the ways CalSouthern can help increase your knowledge of trauma and enhance your career.  

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