School of Business Establishes Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society

Mar 10, 2017 by Lauren Helms


California Southern University has established a chapter of the Sigma Beta Delta international honor society for the School of Business. The inaugural induction ceremony for Sigma Beta Delta was held at CalSouthern world headquarters on Wednesday, March 8th, where the top Learners within the BBA, MBA, and DBA programs were recognized. Learners were invited to attend the ceremony both on campus as well as through WebEx, giving the university the privilege of honoring the inductees, both locally and globally.

The purpose of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business, management, and administration. It is also to inspire and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Learners must rank in the top 20% of their program to be invited to join the prestigious honor society. Accepting membership represents a mark of excellence to one’s personal and professional path. This lifetime membership is the highest international recognition a business student can receive.  CalSouthern is proud to celebrate its hard-working and dedicated Learners.

The School of Business will be holding two induction ceremonies per year for Learners who qualify for membership in Sigma Beta Delta.

Sigma Beta Delta members with the School of Business

Sigma Beta Delta members with the School of Business. From left to right: Dean: Dr. Gregory Herbert; DBA Learner: Linet Davidian; Coordinator of Graduate Studies/Chapter President: Lauren Helms; MBA Learner: Kim Chau; DBA Learner: Kelly Allin.

Attendee Quotes:

“I am especially thankful to the many instructors at California Southern who gave me the opportunity to succeed, and to achieve this honor in Sigma Beta Delta. I will forever link this honor to the school and to my DBA.” – Roy Keith Tucker, DBA Learner

“I see the induction into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor society as a huge motivation on the academic journey and the responsibility ahead to serve our communities in a better way.” – Paul Ayisu, DBA Learner

“I was very honored to be in the first group of inductees. The academic excellence recognition from a prestigious honor society is an achievement that I will hold proudly in my personal and professional journey life-long. Thank you to CSU and the amazing staff for providing the opportunity.” – Kim Chau, MBA Learner

“For me, being a member of the Sigma Beta Delta is the Capstone of years of academic pursuit and contribution to human capacity development. I will definitely continue my endeavours in the true spirit and ideals of the Sigma Beta Delta Society to which I now belong.” – Adesoji Adesugba, DBA Learner

“The ceremony was intimate and inspiring. I feel honored to be a part of this wonderful group of accomplished academic individuals.” – Alexis Galinski, MBA Graduate

"Becoming a member of the SIgma, Beta, Delta brings recognition to my hard work and dedication, adds value to my character, and enlarges my network."  – Gilbert Gordon, DBA Learner

California Southern University World Headquarters
Outside California Southern University World Headquarters




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