Faculty Focus: Dr. Stephanie Hoon, CalSouthern School of Business

Mar 7, 2016 by Tom Dellner

Dr. Stephanie Hoon has been with the CalSouthern School of Business for five years, where she teaches primarily in the MBA and DBA programs. Her own educational background is remarkably diverse. Her doctorate is in management with a concentration in organizational leadership. She also has master’s degrees in communications (journalism) and in educational psychology. As an undergrad, she was an English and theater arts dual major.

She brings this educational background to bear in the school of business, helping her students sharpen their writing, as well as the other so-called “soft skills” that are so essential to effective business leadership.

You won’t want to miss this podcast interview with Dr. Hoon. In it, the editor, author and marketing communications professional discusses, among other topics, essential skills for the aspiring business leader, hot business sectors and growth areas to keep an eye on and keys to success in online higher education.




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