Thoughts on the Passing of Steve Jobs

Oct 6, 2011 by University Communications

Steve JobsCalifornia Southern University and its School of Business are deeply saddened at the passing of Steve Jobs. The American icon’s impact on CalSouthern was significant and multi-faceted, as was his impact on the global community at large. His genius and creativity inspired and informed so much of what is taught at CalSouthern, whether it is a class on entrepreneurship, online marketing, or information technology. His products allow CalSouthern students to learn in new and exciting ways, virtually anywhere in the world, giving access and possibility where it didn’t exist before. He and his company inspired and enabled curiosity and thoughtful exploration.

But his genius extended beyond technology, business, and entrepreneurship, to far more universal and timeless matters. He rarely spoke publicly about his personal thoughts and beliefs about what it is to live a meaningful and vibrant life. In fact, he did so—in detail—only once, at a 2005 commencement speech delivered at Stanford University.

Ultimately, it may prove to be his most important legacy.



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