Why the DBA?

Sep 10, 2012 by Tom Dellner

Why the DBA?

Current DBA students explain why they chose to enroll in CalSouthern’s Doctor of Business Administration program

In August 2012, CalSouthern surveyed its student body in the Doctor of Business Administration program. We asked them, among other things, what their motives were for returning to school to pursue their DBA and what unique qualities of the degree led them to enroll.

We received more than 80 responses to these questions. We’ve identified some of the most common answers, as well as others we hope prospective students will find interesting or helpful as they research their degree options.* Twenty-five appear below:  

Doctor of Business Administration“The DBA provides a safety net of sorts in an unstable economy, by providing me a wider range of knowledge, making me more employable.”

“In today’s business world, we are challenged to re-invent ourselves every two to three years. The DBA is a catalyst for any professional to keep up with this new pace.”

“I’m in a position to move to a higher level of executive management. I am enrolled in the DBA program to obtain more tools to better manage at that level.”

“I chose to pursue the DBA to set myself apart from my colleagues and to provide myself with a well-rounded, high-level business education. I have degrees in education and management and believe that the DBA will give me the academic foundation to move into an administrative position in a school system. I also chose the program because the school is a member of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).”

Doctor of Business Administration

“I earned my MBA in International Finance and Management almost 10 years ago. The DBA separates me from the crowd. It also enables me to collaborate on the best projects both at work and in consulting outside of my primary job.”

“I am not interested in pursuing a research degree. I’m a working business professional interested in taking current business research and applying it to real-life situations.”

“I wanted to distinguish myself from those who have bachelor’s- and master’s-level degrees in a competitive marketplace.”

“I’ve always had a strong desire to be the very best I can be and to discover my true potential as a leader in the business world.”

“I believe in continuous learning and want to stay current with new business theories and methods, as well as gain a competitive edge in the job market, distinguishing myself from my peers. Also, for me, education is a fun diversion from the daily grind of the workplace.”

“I already have an MBA and a JD and practice legal, financial and tax consulting for individuals and businesses. I wanted to upgrade my knowledge of current best business practices for use in my consulting business.”

Doctor of Business Administration“I want coursework that can give me a fresh perspective with regard to managing a global company, as well as the ability to bring that knowledge to the table with both my internal employees and external clients.”

“Having a terminal degree will help me remain relevant in the workplace and in my profession, as well as add professional credibility and position me for the executive level.”

“I want to stay abreast with current theories and practices I can implement in my professional life, e.g., new models for engaging employees and introducing new aspects to leadership training.”

“I want to establish myself as an expert in a particular area of business [through the DBA’s doctoral project]. Ironically, I’ve been exposed to so many different ideas that it’s difficult to narrow my choice to one topic. I am currently leaning toward strategic thinking as it relates to the medical profession.”

Doctor of Business Administration Degree“I have two master’s degrees and wanted a terminal degree to cap my formal educational journey and to complement a professional life in business and leadership.”

“I want to obtain a real-world view of how business works.”

“I enjoy studying current business cases that are relevant in today’s economy; this has helped me enhance my business acumen.”

“I want to fulfill a promise I made to my parents 12 years ago to go back to school and obtain an advanced degree. They came from a country where educational opportunities like this were rare. I also want to establish a future goal for my son. I want him to take full advantage of this nation’s great educational opportunities.”

Chief of Police“I want to become a chief of police, and a DBA would assist me greatly. In my opinion, philosophies governing private businesses and public agencies are very similar. Also, the DBA will provide me with an opportunity to establish myself as an expert in my department and set me apart from other supervisors.”

“Having earned an MBA, I felt the DBA would be a good complement. Also, I wanted coursework that would be challenging, and relevant to my profession. I want to increase my business skills—especially in the marketing area—and believed the DBA would have more practical coursework than the PhD.”

“The opportunity to have a conceptual understanding of strategic management and the practicality of the program, coupled with the global dimension of the course content, tipped the balance for me in picking this degree.”

Doctor of Business Administration“With the DBA, I could become a business professor or grow into a senior leadership role in business. I am also considering opening my own business as a global business consultant.”

“The coursework gives you a broad, well-rounded business education, but when it comes time to do your doctoral project, you can develop expertise in a specific business topic that you’re interested in.”

“I will be the first person in my family to earn a doctorate degree and I also wanted to prove to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to. It will give me an edge over others in the workplace, as well as knowledge that will help me perform my job better.”

“I’m moving up quickly in my company and enjoying the opportunities that are coming to me in the process. However, I need to stay current with business best practices to make the most of this experience.”


*The quoted statements above were made by CalSouthern DBA learners. CalSouthern does not make claims guaranteeing employment, job promotion prospects, or income increases.



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