Clinicians’ Corner: Evolution of Psychotherapy 2017

Jan 22, 2018 by Kathleen Hawks, MS

Welcome back to the Clinicians’ Corner. We are glad you could join us to catch up. So much has been happening for the School of Behavioral Sciences.

First up, if you don’t already know 2018 is the 40th Anniversary of CalSouthern!! We are all very excited and cannot wait to celebrate all year long. Can I hear a “woo woo?!” You can expect all kinds of special activities and announcements coming soon. So, watch your email box for upcoming news and we anticipate a fantastic year for CalSouthern!

To button up 2017, I’d like to share some great events. Most recent was the incredible Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference December 13 - 17, 2017. Known among attendees as the Woodstock of psychotherapy, this remarkable event normally only comes around every 4 years and is well worth the ticket for admission. The brain child of CalSouthern Master Lecture Series alumn Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, everyone who is anyone in psychology is likely in residence for Evolution. If the individual you are studying this semester is still with us, he or she was likely listed as faculty for Evolution. For more information, you must see the video at

We had a fantastic time and learned a phenomenal amount during this week of instruction, demonstration, workshops, panels, and opportunities to get your fill from the Evolution book store. Hundreds of participants flew in from 70+ different countries to attend! Prestigious Faculty included Daniel Amen, Aaron Beck and Judith Beck, Antonio Damasio, Steve Frankel, John and Julie Gottman, Harville Hendrix, Sue Johnson, Otto Kernberg, Peter Levine, Donald Meichenbaum, Bill O’Hanlon, Erving Polster, Ernest Rossi, Daniel Seigel, Irvin Yalom, Jeffrey Zeig, and many, many more noteworthy presenters. Even Philip Zimbardo revisited his Stanford Prison Experiment. What an amazing experience!

As a sponsor, CalSouthern was also blessed to have a table in the exhibitor hall where Learners, Graduates, Faculty, and perspective students could come and visit with members of our Admissions Team, Academic Advisors, and Dean, Dr. Hamilton. On Friday night of the conference, we had a CalSouthern Meet and Greet where we could all get together, eat a bit of food and enjoy some down time together.

I took far too many photos to share here, but below are a few. Enjoy!

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Now for some Learner and Alumni Honors and Achievements from the School of Behavioral Sciences. Congratulations to our remarkable students and graduates!

  • 2017 MA Graduate Pavandeep Batth was awarded the MFT Stipend for Kern County.
  • 2017 MA Graduate Thais Mezquita was named MFT Stipend Alternate #2 for Valencia County. This means that someone else will need to be unable to accept the stipend in order for her to get it, but she has already moved up in line since finding out. She will keep us posted on the final result.
  • Current MA Learner Amber Flowers was chosen as 3rd Alternate to earn the Santa Clara County MFT Stipend Award. We are so very proud of all three of our MFT Stipend Awardees!!
  • 2017 MA Graduate Angelika Rozin and her husband Jon flew in from New York to meet on campus with her Academic Advisor and Dean Hamilton. We celebrated her accomplishment in graduating, and Dean Hamilton presented her with her diploma. Documentation for New York State Board was completed and signatures obtained. Angie was thrilled. She reported that when she graduated from her bachelor's degree program, she was not accepted to her chosen master's degree program. She was very discouraged and did not know what to do next. Her step-father took it upon himself to research master's degree programs and found CalSouthern. He has been her support and inspiration all along and has been very proud of her success. She will take pictures of CalSouthern back to him from her visit. It is so nice when Learners and Graduates come by to say hello. If you would like to stop by, please notify your Academic Advisor in advance so they can set aside some time to visit.
  • 2014 MA Graduate Joel Walton earned his MFT license and has established a private practice in Sacramento, CA. Congratulations Joel!


Here are some additional less recent updates that didn’t make it in to the last edition of the Corner:

  • 2013 MA Graduate Kundara “Paul” Ou reached out to say that “one of the best decision I made in life (was) to choose CalSouthern. It … provided me with excellent skills and education to be successful in my career.” Offered two different county positions “over a long list of other candidates ... I am now working as a mental health clinician with the county and Sr. Evaluator” with another mental health organization. “Thanks CalSouthern!” And thank you Paul for representing us so well.
  • 2013 MA Graduate Hubert “Ti” Brock checked in with me recently to let us know that he is working for San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health, “in a wonderful program which I enjoy immensely.” Fantastic Ti!
  • 2015 MA Graduate Victoria Anderson checked in recently. She has earned her MFT Intern Registration number and is actively earning hours toward licensure. Congratulations Victoria and thank you for staying in touch.
  • 2015 MA Graduate Jennifer Lindsley became an MFT Intern and worked full time at UCSD Department of Outpatient Psychiatry for the last year since graduating with her degree. Recently she was hired by another outstanding hospital as a therapist working in their child and adolescent program. She said, “I am super excited to work with this population and learn a whole new set of skills! Thank you so much for all of your help and support in getting me this far.” 

We love to hear from our graduates. Please stay in touch and let us know how your CalSouthern degree is helping you meet your personal and professional goals.



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