Understanding the Fundamentals of Assessment

Nov 11, 2015 by Tom Dellner

“Assessment”—as it pertains to higher education—is one of those terms we assume we know, until we attempt a definition and realize that we really only understand it in a vague sense.

However, assessment is mission-critical at CalSouthern, and it's something with which all learners and potential learners need to be familiar. It's a learner-centered approach to education that focuses on gathering and analyzing data to ensure that students are developing the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. It's totally transparent; at CalSouthern, students participate in the assessment process and the university shares the findings and results.

In this podcast, Nicole Lesher, CalSouthern's director of institutional research and assessment—and a true authority on the topic—reviews the basics of assessment, outlines the CalSouthern assessment process and how learners participate, in addition to explaining where learners can go to review the results.

Please click below to listen to the podcast:





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