Meet 10 Graduates of CalSouthern’s Class of 2017

Aug 28, 2017 by Allison Wood

Heather Williams - CalSouthern AlumniHeather Williams, Doctor of Psychology
The CalSouthern Difference Award is presented annually to a CalSouthern graduate who has made a difference in his or her area of practice, field of study or local community through distinguished work, scholarship or service. Of all the exceptional individuals that were considered for this honor, the work of Heather Williams, from the School of Behavioral Sciences, was truly outstanding.

For 14 years, Heather Williams served as Program Director with CSP Victim Assistance Programs and oversaw all special victim programs, which included: Homicide, Sexual Assault, Gangs, and Domestic Violence. In 2003, after responding to an active shooter event in Irvine, CA she established the CSP Crisis Response Team. More recently, Heather and Investigator and SWAT Team Leader Shane Millhollon have presented “Active Shooter Response & Impact of Workplace Violence” in California and at conferences nationwide.

Heather is honored to work for the Orange County Sheriff's Department and to serve those in law enforcement who protect and serve our communities. She looks forward to building increased capacity in law enforcement peer support programs and help reduce the stigma of mental health issues. She is incredibly thankful to her "partner in everything" Shane Millhollon, her kids, Andrew and Taylor, and friends for their unwavering support.

Trisha Wallis Cal Southern AlumniTrisha Wallis, Doctor of Psychology
Dr. Trisha Wallis has been working for the State of California in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 10 years. She is committed to contributing to the fields of suicide prevention and research, and transgender and gender equality. She plans to continue her career in the State of California, obtain licensure as a Psychologist in California and open her own private practice and consultation business. She hopes to inspire and support others and help others fully claim their own power. She recently presented at the National Suicide Prevention Conference in Brisbane, Australia with CalSouthern faculty mentors there for full support!

Neha Duggal CalSouthern AlumniNeha Duggal, Doctor of Psychology
Neha has always dreamed of completing her doctorate degree and is proud to have now fulfilled this dream. In 2015, she spoke on camera about her experience in CalSouthern’s PsyD program and detailed her supervised internship with the South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency (SAHARA), which serves survivors of all forms of abuse in the South Asian community by providing them with culturally-sensitive and linguistically-specific services. Neha's focus is to gain licensure as a Psychologist and is planning to pursue her EPPP by the end of year. On the other hand, Neha enjoys nontraditional method such as using art and experiential activities.

Karen Gakuya-Leteipan CalSouthern AlumniKaren Gakuya-Leteipan, Doctor of Psychology
From Nairobi, Kenya, Karen has wanted to be a psychologist since she was 16 because the workings of the human mind intrigue her. She would like to thank Salaton for his unwavering support and thoughtfulness. She also thanks Alex and Vicky Leteipan for their encouragement, and her parents, Harry and Grace Gakuya, who have unfailingly exuded nothing but pride in her. She hopes to open a private practice in Kenya that specializes in therapy for children.

Margaret Hicks CalSouthern AlumniMargaret Hicks, Doctor of Psychology
Margaret earned her graduate degree in Behavioral Sciences and continues to be a dedicated lifelong learner. She has always been eager to expand her knowledge and helps those around her expand their knowledge as well. Initially she was providing therapeutic interventions with individuals and couples in a private community counseling service. More recently, she is fulfilling her post-doctoral work while practicing in an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program center, facilitating both individual and group therapy.

Stephanie-Jimenez CalSouthern AlumniStephanie Jimenez, Juris Doctor
Stephanie has always been interested in the study of law and how it impacts all aspects of our lives. She would like to thank her parents for instilling a love of learning and the importance of an education. She would like to thank her husband and children for all their support and sacrifices, which allowed her to accomplish her goal of a law degree.

Tracy-Turner CalSouthern Alumni

Tracy Turner, Master of Arts in Psychology
From Piqua, Ohio, Tracy's interest in Behavioral Sciences steadily grew throughout her time in the United States Army. After serving for 10 years on active duty and after a 15 month tour to Iraq, Tracy saw first-hand the growing need to help veterans returning from war. She thanks her clinical supervisor, Connie Thomas, for her support and wisdom shared during Practicums 1-3, it will never be forgotten. Special thanks to her wife, for her continuous support even if it meant helping her study until midnight! Tracy’s focus is to gain licensure as a psychologist and open a private practice specializing in trauma focused therapy, and specifically targeting the Military Veteran population.

Mete-Yazici CalSouthern AlumniMete Yazici, Master of Science in Psychology
Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Mete has been living and working in Japan since 1995. Since his first experience as a volunteer counselor for community services, he has been interested in human development. He would like to thank his partner-in-life for 20 years, Satoshi Murata, who has supported him, and his parents who have always loved him. Mete would like work as a leadership coach helping people rediscover themselves.

Pamela-Lynn-SeraphinePamela Lynn-Seraphine, Master of Science in Psychology
Pamela, who had previously graduated from CalSouthern with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, has now complete her Master of Science in Psychology. From Los Angeles, Pamela has dedicated her studies to the Neuroscience of Drumming. As an Afro-Rock percussionist & brain fitness educator she determined to bring awareness of the health benefits of NeuroDrumming to all those in need. She thanks her husband, Danny for his constant love and support & her children, Jessica, Tia & Tamikia for patiently accepting her passion for being a musical misfit. Pamela’s focus is to continue building The Academy of NeuroDrumming, while developing her band, The Lords of Afro-Rock.

Dan-Gosserand CalSouthern AlumniDan Gosserand, Master of Science in Law Enforcement Executive Leadership
Born in Glendale, CA, Dan is veteran of the U.S, Navy where he served as a rescue swimmer for 5 years. Dan was involved in several rescues saving the lives of 11 people while stationed in Puerto Rico. He used the G.I. Bill to graduate with high honors from Fresno City College, then transferring to UNLV to earn his Bachelors of Science degree. Dan began his law enforcement career in Mendota Ca in 2011. Since then, he has been a Motor Officer, Drug Recognition Expert, Field Training officer and looks forward to continuing his career at the San Gabriel Police Department. Dan thanks his family, mentors, and friends for their support throughout this challenging process and is proud to provide an example to his son Dane to do well in school.



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