Meet 10 Graduates of CalSouthern’s Class of 2018

Oct 1, 2018 by University Communications

Alison-CurdtAlison Curdt, Doctor of Psychology
Dr. Alison Curdt is now a psychotherapist with her own private practice in Woodland Hills, California, Curdt Performance Therapy, where she works with adolescents, couples, families, and individuals. She also teaches at Wood Ranch Golf Club in the Los Angeles area and is also consultant to the Women’s Golf Team California State University - Northridge. She strives to develop and coach golfers in all areas of their lives. In addition to her private practice, Alison continues to play golf competitively. Watch Alison's full Keynote Speech Here

Adrian-LowAdrian Low, Doctor of Psychology
From Hong Kong, Dr. Adrian Low conducted research on a new quantitative assessment tool emWave Pro Plus (Institute of HeartMath) to compare Heart Rate Variability (HRV) results with the Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA) and the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). The study involved recruitment of 85 employees who worked 40 hours a week for a large corporation in Hong Kong. His results encourage the use of HRV as an objective measure of mental health and workplace stress. Dr. Low has submitted an article currently under review for publication.

Madison-BrightwellMadison Brightwell, Doctor of Psychology
Madison began her long journey of further education in 2009, when she first attended California Southern's MA program. After graduating in 2011, she got a thirst for more knowledge and embarked upon the PsyD course. Even though the road was challenging sometimes, Madison has loved every minute of the experience, and she appreciates the opportunities that being a Doctor of Psychology can bring her. Madison thanks all of the great faculty who helped inspire her, as well as her boyfriend Ray for always reminding her that she can succeed. Madison current focus on helping adults with trauma, and she works at Reconnect Trauma Center as well as in her private practice in Torrance.

Natasha-SharmaNatasha Sharma, Doctor of Psychology
Dr. Natasha Sharma is a leading authority in the world of Emotional Health. She is a Therapist, Owner of Toronto Psychology Clinic "NKS Therapy", a TV/Media Personality, and creator/author of the "The Kindness Journal." She is also a Co-Founder of the Emotional Fitness E-Learning Platform launching this summer - "Rule Your Emotions." Despite being one busy lady, Dr. Natasha's most treasured role and joy in life is being a Mother to her two young boys.

Danielle-NishidaDanielle Nishida, Doctor of Psychology
Danielle was born in Toronto, raised in Colorado, and found her home in California. She has overcome many challenges; including a spinal cord injury which left her bound to a wheelchair. She has not let anything stop her from succeeding at her educational goals while raising her family. She loves helping people and is dedicated to the field of psychology. Danielle thanks everyone in her life that have helped her become the person she is today, but especially her family and friends that she considers family.

Adesoji-AdesugbaAdesoji Adesugba, Doctor of Business Administration
From Nigeria, Adesoji with five other degrees in law, investment promotion, and business, has always wanted to crown his academic efforts with a doctorate; he is grateful to his lifelong friend, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode, who encouraged and supported him and made it possible for him to practicalize all he learned.

Elizabeth-BuckleyElizabeth Buckley, Master of Arts in Psychology
A Southern California native, Elizabeth is excited to begin her career in psychology after several years in marketing and advertising. She is happy to be following in her parents' estimable footsteps towards licensure and successful private practice. She is grateful for the support of her family and friends, and everyone who said, "Hey, you'd be good at that!" She would especially like to thank her dad for inspiring her with a love for counseling.

Leatrice-De-BruhlLeatrice De Bruhl, Master of Science in Psychology
Originally from Washington, DC, Leatrice completed her Master’s degree program overseas while stationed in the Middle East. She continues to be a world traveler. Leatrice would like to thank her family and friends who provided overwhelming support throughout her attendance in this program. She intends to continue to utilize the curriculum she learned through this program to enhance her current abilities and skill-sets in the field of law enforcement. Further, Leatrice intends to pursue her childhood dream of teaching college students within the capacity of psychology or criminal justice or a combination of both!

Tomasz-MackowiczTomasz Mackowicz, Master of Business Administration
After earning his Bachelor and Master in Theology he moved from Poland to West Germany in 1988, before the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. He worked as a manager for one of the largest insurance companies in Germany before moving from Europe to Maryland, where he graduated from BCCC in Computer Information Systems. He worked as software engineer for a company in England, UK for several years before moving back to U.S. to Irvine, CA and continuing working as a senior software engineer for this same company this time in Aliso Viejo, where he finished his MBA degree program offered by California Southern University.

Tiajuana-WatersTiajuana Waters, Master of Science in Law
A Native from the Big Apple, Tiajuana Waters started her career in the financial district of New York City with a business degree in hand. Although, she felt accomplished in a successful finance career, 25 years later, always having a heart for the law, her husband encouraged her to reinvent herself and complete that law degree she had a heart for, so long ago. Choosing California Southern University is a decision she will never regret.

An Interview with Dr. Alison Curdt

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