Acclaimed Author and Clinician Opens 2016 CalSouthern Master Lecture Series

Mar 7, 2016 by University Communications

MLSThe CalSouthern Master Lecture Series is now in its eighth year, and it continues to grow in both scope and prestige. Since its launch in 2009, more than 8,000 people from 60-plus countries have attended Master Lecture Series events, during which they’ve been able to interact with and ask questions of internationally recognized scholars, authors and practitioners on a vast array of psychology and business topics. The lectures continue to inform and engage viewers long after the day of the event, too. In fact, the archived lectures have received more than 200,000 on-demand views.

The 2016 Master Lecture Series has come out of the gates strong, with a presentation titled “Out of the Blue: Six Non-medication Strategies for Relieving Depression,” delivered on January 15 by Bill O’Hanlon. O’Hanlon is a prolific author and speaker (he has written or co-authored 36 books and given more than 3,500 presentations around the world) who has appeared on a wide variety of television and radio programs. He has also been named Outstanding Mental Health Educator of the Year. A gifted clinician, O’Hanlon is a licensed mental health professional, a certified professional counselor and a licensed marriage and family therapist.

O’Hanlon believes that since depression has many different causes and contributing factors, there are many techniques a therapist can employ to shift it, as well. He also recognizes that medication does not always help depressed people, or can work only partially and with uncomfortable side effects.

In this lecture, O’Hanlon outlined six particularly hopeful—and innovative—non-mediation approaches for the treatment of depression. He does so with compassion, enormous intelligence, and his characteristic sense of humor. He delivered the presentation via Skype from his Santa Fe, New Mexico home and it was live-streamed to a global audience. O’Hanlon also took ample time to give thoughtful and comprehensive answers to viewer questions.

It was an engaging and fascinating lecture, and if you were not able to attend live, you can view it below. If you are a current or aspiring therapist, or if you or someone in your life has faced depression, you won’t want to miss it.

The lecture is now available for on-demand viewing. Please click here to view the lecture.




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