Clinicians’ Corner: Behavioral Science Updates for 2017

Mar 21, 2017 by Kathleen Hawks, MS

Welcome to the Clinicians’ Corner. It’s been a while since the last update, so we thought a quick wrap up of 2016 activities was in order.

CalSouthern PsyD LearnersIn December, CalSouthern PsyD Learners Ernest, Janet, Adrian, and Jonathan got together in Hong Kong for a quick meet and greet. The members of their “whatsapp” group interact to offer support and share experiences as CalSouthern students. Discovering their geographic proximity through one of the course discussion forums, the group was founded by PsyD Learners Jackie Chan and Adrian Low. Additional Learners have found the group through mentor referrals, learner spotlights, and yammer postings. Today they have nine members! Meeting in person at a private clubhouse over Christmas their bonds grew even stronger, reports Adrian. Meeting in person brought about “feelings of coziness, warmth, and support for each other like a family. More importantly, it eased feelings of isolation” and allowed for an opportunity to discuss elective choices and US licensure options. She said that online learning can be lonely sometimes, but the group provides support and an opportunity to share “happiness and success.” If you are a PsyD Learner who resides in Hong Kong and would like to join their group, email Adrian at

As a government entity responsible for issuing (MFT) Marriage and Family Therapist and (LPCC) Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor licenses and intern registrations for the state of California, the (BBS) Board of Behavioral Sciences like so many other state boards often gets a bad rap. Visions of a hungry bureaucratic monster looking to devour intern applicants could not be farther from the truth! The California Board of Behavioral Sciences is staffed with hard working individuals who make every effort to provide the best service to their constituents and at the same time, protect the public interests. They welcome feedback from pre-licensed and licensed individuals. Alternating between Northern and Southern California on a regular basis, they invite you to attend open meetings when available in your area.

California Southern University Advisers

CalSouthern Academic Advisor Kathleen Hawks and Kim Madsen, Executive Officer for the California (BBS) Board of Behavioral Sciences

Legislative Analyst for the BBS Rosanne Helms, Academic Advisor for CalSouthern Kathleen Hawks, and BBS Regulatory Analyst Christy Berger, 

Recently the Supervision sub-Committee concluded a year-long overhaul of the supervision practices and requirements for MFTs, LPCCs, LCSWs, and respective trainees and interns. The outcomes will be proposed in new legislation this 2017 legislative cycle. Stay tuned for information on what we anticipate will be new laws and requirements going into effect possibly January 2018.

Starting in January of this year, the BBS has convened a new Exempt Setting Committee. It will be their job to review what constitutes a suitable practicum placement and appropriate setting for individuals practicing under a second Intern Registration number. The next meeting will be March 24, 2017 in Sacramento, CA. For more information on this important development, please go to

 CalSouthern OCCAMFT and MFT Consortium Representative
2017 OCCAMFT/MFT Consortium Practicum and Internship Faire Planning Committee including our own CalSouthern OCCAMFT and MFT Consortium Representative, Kathleen Hawks


On February 25, 2017, The Second Annual OCCAMFT/MFT Consortium Practicum and Internship Faire, cosponsored by CalSouthern was another resounding success! Students and interns from around Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties came dressed to impress. 33 potential practicum agencies came ready to place practicum trainees, and 13 private practices settings came ready to hire MFT/PCC Registered Interns. 

OCCAMFT MFT Consortium

Four representatives from the BBS were on hand to answer trainee and intern questions. We appreciate their willingness and support in flying down from Sacramento, CA just to be accessible to attendees.

Private Practice Experts Kelly and Miranda were on site to provide resume building and interview tips, private practice building ideas, and pointers on working in public mental health. Even a professional photographer was on hand to take head shots for intern business cards and websites! 

It was also a great opportunity to interact with CalSouthern Learners seeking practicum placements. If you missed it this year, plan to attend the next one.

CalSouthern MA Learners
MA Learners Elizabeth Buckley and Amy Albert, with Kathleen Hawks


Upcoming Important Events:

AAMFT – American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 2017 Leadership Symposium will be held March 9-11, 2017 in Arlington, VA. Go to for more information and to register.

CALPCC – California Association of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors 2017 Spring Annual Conference April 28 – 29, 2017 in Redlands, CA. Go to for information and to register.

CAMFT – California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists 53rd Annual Conference is coming to Santa Clara, CA May 4-7, 2017. Information is available at

OCCAMFT 12th Annual Celebrate Everything MFT luncheon will be Friday, June 16, 20167. CalSouthern will be hosting tables again for our MA Learners and Alumni. Watch for the announcement in late May-early June for your opportunity to attend as our guest! Come on out and represent your school!

Note: The AAMFT, CALPCC, CAMFT, OCCAMFT, and other conference workshops can count for workshop/training hours for practicum trainees and registered interns if your supervisor is willing to sign off. CEUs are also available for licensed attendees.

California Southern University Graduation 2017. Hang on to your hats CalSouthern, Graduation ceremonies will be August 5, 2017. If you are graduating or just want to come and cheer on your peers, we’d love to have you. Emails with information were sent out last week and more information can be found on our public website at  

Evolution of Psychotherapy 2017. Every four years the “rock stars” of psychotherapy – you know, the ones you have been studying in all those text books, come together to impart their wisdom onto us mere mortals. Come down to the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California December 13-17, 2017 for this incredible conference. While you’re in the area, call your Academic Advisor for an appointment to drop by CalSouthern for a quick visit. More information can be found at




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