CalSouthern PsyD Graduate Publishes Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Sexual Behavior

Jul 27, 2011 by University Communications

CalSouthern PsyD Graduate Publishes Book on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Sexual Behavior

Dr. Gerry Blasingame, a 2010 graduate of CalSouthern’s PsyD program and student speaker at last year’s commencement ceremony, has recently published Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sexual Behaviors, and Therapeutic Intervention. It addresses the problem presented when traditional treatment strategies for problematic sexual behaviors in children and teens often fall short with those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

The book provides a wealth of essential information regarding ASD, including how to adjust the assessment process to accommodate these disorders, and practical approaches to understanding unique family dynamics and healthy and problematic sexual behaviors. It also provides insight into working with Autism Spectrum cases when there is the co-occurrence of intellectual disabilities and/or various mental health problems.

CalSouthern caught up with Dr. Blasingame for a brief discussion about the book and his future plans:

CalSouthern: What was your motivation in authoring the book, and what did you hope to accomplish with its publication?

An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sexual Behaviors, and Therapeutic Intervention Dr. Blasingame: I have worked for many years with people who have developmental disabilities, and have previously written and edited books on clinical work with individuals who have developmental disabilities and others who have sexual behavior problems. Along with the books, I do quite a few conference presentations and trainings, so I frequently get questions and emails about related subjects including how to address these issues among people who have Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Unfortunately there is a paucity of current information on the subject, but I began collecting as much as I could so as to be able to have some empirical support for responses to the questions that came my way. When NEARI Press asked me to write a book on the subject, it only made sense. I wanted to help fill a gap in the literature to help therapists who already deal with sexual misconduct to better understand how to address this with children and adolescents who have ASD conditions.

CalSouthern: Could you tell us a bit about the writing experience? Do you believe that you’ve grown as a practitioner as a result of the process?

Dr. Blasingame: I enjoy both the research and writing processes. Having published before, I know my own style for gathering information, organizing my time and energies, and doing it all at a pace that works for me and my busy calendar.

With every writing project I learn more, and hopefully expand my clinical skills as well as knowledge base. There’s something about committing something to writing that helps you gain more mastery over the material.

CalSouthern: Could you tell us a bit about your current practice and your future plans?

Dr. Blasingame: I am employed by a company that provides treatment services for sexual offenders under contract with State and County agencies. In addition, I provide consultation and training for many clinicians who provide the direct services. I also maintain a private consulting business providing clinical staff training, program development, and consultations for programs and therapists across the country. And while I’m sure I have a couple more books left in me, I don’t have anything concrete planned right now.

To order a copy of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sexual Behaviors, and Therapeutic Intervention, call (888) NEARI-12 or go to



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